203. Zero risk flipping Instagram accounts - Become millionaire with Instagram in 1 year time!

This idea is also genius and even better!

As you know, there are dozens if not hundreds of websites that offer Instagram accounts for sale. Some websites are cheaper priced than others.

Here is the idea, you copy their offer, their sales of interesting Instagram accounts for sale (look for the gems) and you place them on your website for 50-100% markup.

Your customers of your website buy from you, and you buy from another website as soon as you have a sale.

Like a 100,000 followers Instagram account for sale for $1,000, you price it for sale at $1,500.

To mask that you a reseller of Instagram accounts, you also offer other Instagram users to place their account for sale on your website directly, like for 20% commission.

Then comes the number game, you need to get traffic for your Instagram flipping website.

If it costs you $100 in advertising of your website to get one client, but you make $500 in profit on average, then you can grow endlessly and become a millionaire in 1 year time.

For a 1 million followers account, listed at $3,000, you could list it at $4,500 and make $1,500 in profit.

It all comes down in getting cheap converting traffic for your website and let your sales turn your advertising budget into profit.

Make sure you don't take offers from scam websites (like they use Paypal), also read this story: This 23-year-old has made $120,000 buying and selling Instagram accounts

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