230. Save $2-3,000 per month - Work for free rent plus small monthly pay

This is genius. Suppose you work for someone to get free rent plus a small monthly income.

For instance, you become personal driver + bodyguard for someone and your friend lives in with you and drives you around with your car. So your friend doesn't need to pay rent saving $1,000 per month, is on unemployment benefits or welfare of $1,600 per month and gets an additional $1,000-$2,000 for his/her work as bodyguard and driver, plus your friend doesn't need car because he/she drives with your car. Your friend has $2-$3,600 per month of income, doesn't pay rent neither needs a car.

Or become housekeeper for free rent plus $1-$2,000 per month. Or gardener, or renovate/insulate/repair houses etc

Or become personal cook for free rent plus $1-$2,000 per month.

Or do nursing care for elderly. Like a nurse gets free rent to to care 24/7 at (grand)parents place and an additional $1-$2,000 per month to provide 24/7 nursing care for elderly as well do the shopping and house cleaning. So the elderly doesn't need retirement or nursing home.

Or you do babysitting 24-7 with free rent and $1-$2,000 per month of income. You take care of young children 24/7.
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Or work for hotel with free rent. Like you provide room service or clean the rooms, you get free rent at hotel plus $1-$2,000 per month of income.

Or work for business with free rent. Like a business provides free corporate housing (at the business address or through business rental or by paying hotel) and you work for the company. So you don't need to relocate to work for a company and the business can fully tax deduct the rental costs.

Or work as security guards for a business, free rent plus small monthly pay.

Or work for a restaurant/bar, you get free rent plus $1-$2,000 per month of income.

If you work for a business, you can get self-employment as by-profession status (and keep unemployment benefits or welfare) or through your C-corporation/LLC corporation and invoice the company, so you keep more of your paycheck, plus free rent. So you are not working illegally for the business.

For Ukraine refugees, people can buy tents which they place in their backyard to let people stay for free and they can make some extra money by working for a family (like housekeeping, gardening, nursing care, baby sitting, bodyguard+driver, etc)

Also homeless people can get free rent if they work for other people and make some extra income on top of their welfare benefits.

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