240. Make $5,000+ per month  - People on welfare or pensioned people can make up to $5,000 per month more income working for companies or for households - Give the welfare people a job while they keep their welfare/pension benefits.

As you know, people on welfare or pensioned people can start their own company and invoice companies for jobs while collecting welfare or pension benefits.

If we can activate 100 million people more to do jobs, then our economy booms.

Companies have a hard time finding employees. If they can hire the welfare people or pensioned people (like working 10 more years until retirement), then we produced 100 million more jobs.

Companies treat them as regular employees and pay them including employment taxes.

Companies can pay them up to $5,000 per month net wage, while these employees keep their welfare or pensions benefits at the same time.

By activating the welfare people and pensioned people and people who have handicap or diseases, they can work half time or full time and do jobs.

Also immigrants can have a work permit (these are about 10-20 million people) as part of democratic plans to fill the job vacancies.

As of today, there are 2 job vacancies per unemployed. We need to fill the job vacancies.

Our job statistics will improve by 1-3 million+ jobs created per month and boost our GDP growth and government revenues.

They may also work as volunteers at companies or households sector and get paid extra income, full-time or part-time.

They may also work as remote workers, as contracters with their own company or the companies turn the jobs into gig jobs so they pay no employment taxes.

They may also get other corporate benefits like 401K, healthcare benefits, corporate car, etc

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