202. Turn Instagram into a money-making ponzi - Become millionaire with Instagram in 1 year time!

This idea is genius!

As you know, advertising companies or online web businesses pay money for a sponsered ad on your Instagram account.

On average, with real Instagram followers, about 1% click through the offer.

So if you have 100,000 followers, about 1,000 people follow up.
On 1 million followers, about 10,000 people follow up.

So, first, you buy an Instagram account of 100,000 (real!) followers for $1,000. Charge your credit card or take a 5 year personal loan costing you $20 per month.
Check out Insta-sale for buying Instagram account: Also see Insta-Sale, or  search google: Buy and sell instagram accounts

Normally, you would charge an already low price of $200 for a sponsered ad of 100,000 followers.

Suppose you charge only $100 per sponsered ad. For 5 sponsered ad posts for same advertiser, you charge $250.

Then, you create a website for your Instagram account(s), with detailed description of your account, followers, likes, etc and they can purchase by credit card $100 for 1 post, $250 for 5 posts.

Then the marketing, you include your Instagram website and post on your Instagram account, "Cheap prices for social media marketing from $100 per sponsered post on 100,000 followers. Visit www.myInstagramWebsite.com for example.

Then, you will get at least 5-10 orders for $100 from those 1,000 people who follow up.
So you make $500-$1,000 the first month.

Then, you repost again your ad (like with different look and text) and you get another 5-10 orders (from 1,000 people who follow up). Until you get no orders.

So you make an easy $1,000+ on $1,000 investment the first month. While you can still resell your Instagram account for $1,000 or more.

Then your website grows in visitors, and you can add new Instagram accounts, like a 1 million followers account.

It costs around $3,000, you charge $300 per post. (or $600 for 5 sponsered ads of same advertiser) This brings in 1% or 10,000 visitors to your Instagram website, of which 30 people may order the $300 package. So in one month you could make $9,000 in advertising sales on $3,000.

Then, you ask your friends to also post on their Instagram account your Instagram website, and you give them a commission on the sales, like 30-50%.

As your Instagram website grows, you can also promote it on Facebook, you get more advertising sales each month.

Or you do cheap marketing for 10 cents per click or cheaper to promote your Instagram website account as such that $100 spent, makes $300 or more in advertising sales revenues. So your Instagram website grows each month and you make more sales each month.

As well, your friends, they can also include their Instagram on your website, and you say 50% commission for me, the other 50% is their advertising sales revenues.

As you can see, you offer the cheapest social media marketing for online businesses, and they all come to you to make a sponsered post.

You can also offer your Instagram accounts for sale for double the price on your Instagram website. Or grow to 20+ Instagram accounts in 1 year time and make revenues from sponsered post advertisers each month.

Once you have success turning $1,000 into $2,000 or $3,000 into $9,000 in one month time, you grow your business and in 1 year time you could become a millionaire!

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