Economic Idea 8: Tax-free employment bonuses up to $10,000 per year - Boost wages of employees by 10% - Increase consumer spending by 5% - Produce 10 million more jobs in 5 years time

This is a truly republican idea!

Many employers are paying bonuses to employees instead of giving raises, according to the Washington Post. Bonuses are easier to stop than a continuing pay raises, and they have an immediate positive effect on employees. Employee bonuses are a great incentive for employees.

My idea is to raise Americans their salaries without implementing employment taxation on these wage increases. The solution to do this is by allowing companies to give bonuses up to $10,000 per year to their employees and these bonuses are not taxed anymore. They are free from taxation, as previously, they were taxed at 25%.

So if most companies give their employees a $5,000 bonus per year and this bonus is untaxed, and their wage is on average $50,000 that means 10% more consumer spending for employees and savings for companies to give their employees an untaxed bonus rather than a pay raise.

Whatever we lose on taxation of bonuses, maybe that's $100 billion per year of income at 25% taxed previously, we make it back with increased consumer spending and thus job creation of 10 million more jobs in 5 years time.

There are also no personal income taxes to be paid for employment bonuses up to $10,000 per year. While this may cost the government in lost tax revenues, we offset this with over $1+ trillion per year of income from the other economic ideas.

As a result, most Americans who are employed will get a bonus of $5,000 (up to $10,000) by their companies! Also, companies can find, hire and retain employees with the promise of a $5,000-$10,000 job bonus by years-end or even already upon signing of their job contract, they get a $3,000 bonus for example.

This is a truly Trump-idea!

Write to President Trump so he proposes this idea as an election promise for the 2020 presidential elections!

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