219. Make $3,000+ per month - Start your own homeless shelter

Same as the previous idea to start an animal shelter, you can start a homeless shelter.

Like you rent a 3-4-5 bedroom house (or you mortgage one), costing you $1,000-$3,000 per month and you tell the homeless, pay $20-$30 per day/night to stay here.

Then with 3 bedrooms you make $90 per day or around $3,000 per month.

Or you tell them, they stay for free, and you let them sell stickers like 30 stickers per day sold, the homeless sell them for $5 per piece (the sticker says $5), and $30 goes for the rent per day. The homeless makes $120 profit per day. Like "I care about homeless people". The stickers are sold on the streets or door-to-door. Or you let them sell Make Money Booklets for $5 per piece.

Then, you create a website and a non-profit charity for the homeless, whereby you ask $29 per month of donations, tax deductible monthly donations (you give them a monthly tax receipt by email). On your website, you post YouTube videos of how you took care of the homeless people with their stories with the ask for donation. Then if 100 people donate $29 per month, you make an extra $3,000 per month. Many more people could donate, so then you make much more! Your YouTube videos also provide free traffic for your website and asks for donations. Your YouTube channel makes another $1,000 per month after 1 year in advertisements.

Soon, after 6 months to 1 year, your homeless shelter makes $10,000+ per month and you can quit your job.

As well you can do business with homeless people, turning them into sales people: they sell 30 stickers per day or 30 booklets per day for $5 per piece and you sell them the stickers or booklets for $1 per piece. If you have 5 homeless people each selling 30 pieces, you make $150 per day (minus $20 cost per 150 stickers/booklets) and the homeless makes $120 per day net profit on 30 sales of $5.

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