179. Start a legal weed business - Sell dried herbs for legal weed - Make $100+ per day - Make $3,000-$10,000+ per month of profit

As you know, selling illegal weed to make you high, stoned is illegal (high THC weed is illegal).

But, most herbs have low THC (like 0.02%), they don't make you high, but they relax you, and you get out of psychosises, they don't produce, but reduce psychosises.

A combination of 7 herbs can give the ultimate relaxation experience. You search the internet (Google) which herbs gives most relaxation when smoked, mix the herbs and they are ready to be smoked!

You could also smoke tea herbs, you buy 1 kg of tea herbs for $20 and you resell them for $1 per gram (or $1,000), times 50 your profit!

Like you create small plastic bags of herbs of $5 per 5 grams. You can ask all drug dealers, instead of selling illegal drugs, they buy for $1 per gram, or $5 for 5 grams, and they resell them for $10-$20 per 5 grams! Put a ticket on your plastic bags, "low THC (<0.02%), legal weed for relaxation"

If police questions you, you simply tell them these are herbs not illegal weed, they are not even medical weed, but legal herbs you sell, so your business is 100% legal!

So it is possible to make $100rds or $1,000ds of dollars per day selling these herbs with drug dealers, (5 drug dealers may sell 5 bags each per day, so 25 bags charged $5 for 25 grams = $125 dollar profit per day) , so these illegal drugs dealers become legal drug dealers!

It is an easy business, anyone can do, and it helps to reduce the illegal drug trade, soon everybody will sell legal weed, and it is much more healthy, it relaxes you instead of making you high!

Remark: Illegal weed dealers may mix this legal weed with high THC weed (like 20% of 100%), but then it is illegal, but they make 4-5 times more profit, but this last remark is not recommended, it is illegal, focus on legal weed, it is better to be relaxed than to be high!

You can even start a shop, or sell this in your existing shop: $5 for 5 grams of legal (low THC) weed!

As well, if you are a smoker, you may quit smoking when you smoke legal weed (the nicotine and tar is very low, and your nicotine addiction stops!). You can call this legal weed "stop smoking weed!". As well, it is much cheaper and healthier than smoking tobacco, and you can quit your smoking habit. You can sell a pack (30 grams) of stop-smoking tobacco for $5.

You can also plant tobacco at home. It is a legal business and the price of tobacco increases each year!

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