231. Make up to $20,000+ per month - Start a flyer/marketing store!

As you know, most stores sell products or services. What if your store simply hands out brochures and flyers of companies?

Like a jobs flyer/brochure, a real estate brochure, a department store flyer, an Amazon flyer, etc

For every person who comes into your store, you hand them the flyers/brochures.

You get paid $1 per distributed flyer/brochure and the companies like doing job promotions or real estate promotions deliver each day the brochures/flyers (like per 100-250) and you give them to the visitors.

So if your store has 50 visitors per day and there are 5 jobs to promote, you make 5 times $1, thus $5 times 50 visitors thus $250 per day.

You can also offer your visitors a free drink, like a cola drink so not just 50 people come into your store, but 250 people per day.
250 times $5 = $1,250 of profit per day. So you could be making $20,000+ per month in 20 days working per month or when your store is open.

You start with 1 company for a jobs flyer or for a real estate flyer, until you have at least 5 customers that pay you $1 per printed brochure/flyer.

The best part of all, you give them the flyers and brochures for free, they get a free drink and you make money being the flyer/marketing store of your neighborhood.

The demand for jobs to be filled in is huge, companies compete for jobs and the real estate market is huge, and your clothing department store wants you to use their $5 coupon flyer, etc

The rental cost for your store is maybe $1,000 per month, so 1 client covers this cost, the rest is profit!

How to promote this business with your store?

Put on a sign on your store "We promote open job positions for your company! Hire quickly!", and "We promote your house for sale!", and "We promote your retail/department store!". Each client, with 250 visitors per day to your store and 250 brochures per client per day, adds $250 per day profit!

You can also hand out business cards with flyers for $1 per business card, for example to promote personal drivers.

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