169. Make $300 per day or $6,000 per month selling your own make-money book on the streets - This website is copyright-free! - Help the homeless!

This whole website is copyright-free. You can copy-paste, alter all the information and all money-saving/money-making ideas on this website.

If you select the top 20 money-saving ideas on this website or the top 20 money-making ideas on this website or the millionaire-making ideas on this website and create your own book, you can charge $20 per sold book on the streets or door-to-door.

If you sell 2 books per hour to 2 people you meet on the streets (or houses you visit), you make $40 per hour, or in 8 hours you make $320 per day or over $6,000 per month (20 days per month)

You help out regular people to make or save money and they buy your book.

I decided to make this complete website copyright-free, so all the money making and saving ideas will be shared globally.

We create a global make-money community!

You are also free to copy the ideas on this website and post them on your own website or blog, you can even copy this complete website or create your own ebook.

Feel free to include this website link www.iwanttobecomemillionaire.com on your blog, ebook or book, so people can search for even more money making ideas.

Translate this website ideas into your own language for your book, ebook, website or blog and add new ideas as you like.

This is an easy way to make $300 per day, you sell your money-making book on the streets to people or door-to-door!

This is also an idea for homeless people! Also, people from poor countries can sell their own money-making book on the streets (like to tourists) or door-to-door!

With all the ideas on this website, individuals can save $1,000 per month easily, families can save up to $3,000 per month on their household budget, also see idea nr. 90: $$$ >> Make $2,000+ per month Become an Make-Money-Become-Millionaire consultant!

Also check out idea nr. 212: $$$$$$$ >> Make $1,000-$2,000+ per month - Sell a small booklet of this website table of contents for $5-$10 per piece

Also check out idea nr. 170: $$$$$$$ >> Become millionaire in 5-10 years time by renting out a mortgaged property to homeless people - Make $8,000 per month of profit per property

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Give 20 copies of your make-money book to a homeless per day, the homeless sells them for $20 each, you get $10, you both make $200 per day. Homeless people become resellers of your book on the streets, they are the best sales people! You are in business, a win-win!

Give the homeless a free meal (like a Big Mac menu) and a place to stay and explain him/her your business. If you both make $200 per day, you both don't need a job anymore! If the homeless is dressed like a poor person, people are more willing to pay $20-$25 per book.
The book costs $1-$3 to produce. Just 20-30 pages long, make copies with copy machine.

You can also sell door-to-door. If the homeless visits 50 houses per day, the homeless can easily sell 20 books per day at $20, and if people don't buy the book, the homeless asks for a free meal or $5.

The homeless can also ask to sleep in your garden. That's much safer than sleeping on the streets. Give the homeless a comfortable laying chair in your garden, with warm blankets against the cold. Offer the homeless $50 for mowing your grass and handwash your cars.

Homeless can also buy a cheap $500 car where they sleep in, so they are sheltered from the cold and the rain, and it is much cheaper than renting a hotel room each day.

Or even better, instead of paying $100 for a hotel room, homeless people can go door-to-door and ask if they can spend the night for $30-$50 sleeping on a sofa or couch at someone's place, maybe 1 in 10 people allow you to sleep at their home. Then it is impossible to become homeless. You always find a place to sleep. Eventually you can book a cheap short-term stay at AirBnb.com

If you help out the homeless, they will pay you back 10x-fold! God will give you extra lives for each person you helped out. In God we trust!
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