27. Save $100+ per month – Save money with biofuel – Biofuel (E85) and your V6 – no modification necessary

This article describes how you can save money with biofuel.

Save about $10 a fillup over premium and get better performance because of the high octane boost of E85.

Not sure how many of you know this or are willing to give it a shot, but I've done it and it works great. 1/2 tank of regular plus 1/2 tank of E85 ethanol. Save about $10 a fillup over premium and get better performance because of the high octane boost of E85. I can swear that the car no longer makes all the loud engine noise it used to make with premium fuel. The hydrolic valve "tappin" noise has been reduced to no noise within a matter of minutes, instead of pretty much never going away (I have the replacement valve lifts, but I haven't installed them yet).


Running a 40% to 50% blend of E85 and 87 octane I, too, am seeing about a 1 mpg reduction over running straight 89 octane (which is what Chrysler specs for my engine).

I've done some experimenting, and I start getting some driveability problems if I push the blend past 50% E85, but still no codes. Forty percent seems to be about optimal for my engine.

The risk is that running your car on bio-fuel can void the warranty for a car. So only implement it on older cars that have no more warranty on them.

You can also use a conversion kit:

My conversion kit is working great. I did purchase a set of Pulstar plugs and I’m getting just about 30mpg (as opposed to 34-36mpg) and saving about $10.00 per fill up. My car is running like it has an extra cylinder!! I am totally satisfied with your product and intend to convert my other two cars (I’m going to use Mr. Bush’s economic stimulus rebate to pay for the kits – LOL). I even have a “Calvin” cartoon sticker affixed to my rear window. Calvin is “doing his thing” to “OPEC.” This is one of the best things I have stumbled upon especially in light of rising gas prices. While I hear people bitching about paying over $3.00 a gallon, I reply with a smirk – “Hey I pay no more than $2.29 a gallon for my fuel.” Many thanks for your assistance with my initial purchase and set up.
I also ran a mix of E85 for about 9 months before Fuel Man shut down that offered E85. I have a few friends with turbo cars that bring it in from other states (shortest drive is 5 hours round trip) to run in their cars. We have run 33 lbs and up on a couple 600+ whp 4 cyl turbo cars around here on E85. They spool faster, make more power, run cleaner (spark wise) on E85 over pump gas, 101+ octane unleaded, and 110+ octane leaded fuels.

Oklahoma is suppose to have E85 by October or November and I will run it in all my vehicles. I am trying to see how far I can take my Lightning before it blows on E85. I am at 548 rwhp 714 rwtq on a 135 shot and 6 lb lower pulley. I think with a leaner tune and more timing that I will be able to use on the E85 I can get into the 625-650 rwhp range then up the nitrous until my fuel rails run out then step down a notch. Can't wait.

Get the latest (and lowest for your area) biofuel - E85 prices nationwide on:  http://www.altfuelprices.com/

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