37. Save $100 per month – Save money on energy – turning off the AC or use timer

Energy - turning off the AC might reduce your energy bill anywhere from $50 to $200 a month, you can also put the AC on a timer, only AC on during night, during day or when you are outside, the AC can be turned off. Buy appliances that minimize energy use.

Do NOT use ceiling fans when the a/c is on. They raise the temperature in a room and make the a/c run even more. If you’re a/c is oversized you will never notice it except in the electric bill. People will call me to come and put freon in their a/c because it is hot in their house. But when I check it, it does not need it. I find they have every ceiling fan on in the house running on high in every room, even in rooms no one is in. I have them shut all of them off (it will feel hotter at first) and an hour later they call me and tell me it has cooled down.
Hot air rises. Ceiling fans force the hot air down, making the room at occupancy levels warmer, thermostat call for more cooling. Cooling the air at the ceiling level accomplishes nothing except higher cooling bills. It's physics.

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