177. Resell VIP tickets of clubs - Make $250-$500+ profit per day - Make $5,000+ per month of income

As you know, clubs have VIP tickets. They may cost $50-$100 per VIP ticket.

They usually offer a free drink like 2 glasses or bottle of champagne.

What is the plan? If you are a beautiful woman, ask the club to sell you VIP tickets for half the price, so for $25-$50 per VIP ticket.

You resell those VIP tickets (together with flyer) at bars or on the streets. You tell men, they can meet you at the club VIP! Buy the VIP ticket!

Or resell the VIP tickets to friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

Or sell the VIP tickets at entry of the club before or while the club opens, that's probably the easiest! Sexy ladies are standing in front of the club selling VIP tickets!

Like you sell 10 VIP tickets per day/night and book $25-$50 profit per ticket, that's $250-$500 per day of income.

Clubs can have 10 or more beautiful women selling each 10 VIP tickets, so 100 VIP tickets bringing in $25-$50 x 100 = $2,500-$5,000 of income per day on ticket sales alone. As well, the VIP guests spend for at least another $100 at the club (like ordering food or a bottle of champagne), so that's another $10,000 of income per day for the club on 100 VIP guests!

Also, women or men can resell regular tickets on the streets, like $20 regular ticket, they buy on pre-sale for $5-$10. They resell the tickets with flyer for $20. 10 tickets sold per day is $100 profit per day! Or they distribute flyers to people, that's probably the easiest! They can also resell the pre-sale tickets at the time of the event: before or when the club opens.

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