3. Make $500-$1,000 per month – Rent out your bedroom apartment as daily hotel-room at $30-$50 per day

Rent out your bedroom apartment for $30-50 per day on websites like AirBnb.com, HomeAway.com
If you live in a vacation area, you can also print out pictures with text about your hotel room, color copy them and pay children to hand them out to people in the streets. After 100 contacts, you may have 1 person that wants to rent for 1 week.
Or invite your facebook friends to stay a night, or a week with you.
Renting out a bedroom as a hotel by day is 2-4 times cheaper than a hotel-room.

It's a furnished place, you can stay with 2 people in 1 bedroom. In some areas of cities or during holiday periods, hotel prices are at least twice as high or fully booked (you wont find a 3-star hotel for $30 in Miami neither for $50 per night).
People can earn like $1,000 per month on renting out a fully furnished bedroom. You can also provide breakfast for $10 per morning. If you have 3 bedrooms that you are renting out, you could earn enough income to support yourself.

You could also provide additional services, like massage, girlfriend/date, like for $100 per day.

You could also exchange with other people for free, as if a free vacation, like you stay 1 month on vacation in my flat in LA, I stay 1 month on vacation in your flat in Miami.
You can also advertise to your friends, family, facebook friends your hotel-room.

Another advantage is that there is no rent-contract, no VAT, no taxes, no hotel-laws. People don’t become roommates and you don't have to stick with them (they could take advantage of you), you keep a hotel-relationship with those people, no friendship relationship.

They can also stay 24 hours, whereas in a hotel you need to follow check-in and check-out laws, usually only 12 hours or leave by 12 am.
They can book on a daily or on a weekly basis (like 7 days minimum).

You could also invite beautiful women (like from Brazil) to stay at your place cheaply or for free.

You can also cut the cost of a vacation in half if you rent places with people rather than pay for hotels.
You could also convince people from your neighborhood to provide nanny services on AirBnb.com, like you take care of 2 children during the day for $50 per day.

Even better, go on vacation to the South, like to Central/South America (Mexico, Brazil) and ask people there to come over on vacation or to visit America and stay in America for half the hotel cost, like $1,000 per month, or $250 per week.

Rent out your sofa: Don't have a room to let? Even if you use your spare room yourself, or only have a sofa bed in the lounge, you can still make some cash. A website called Crashpadder.com will allow you to list your sofa bed, spare room or even your floor to paying guests.
You'll be able to check feedback on the guest before deciding whether you want them to stay, and are free to decline the booking if you don't like the look of them. The use of credit cards allows the site to check on identities before a guest shows up at your door.

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