35. Save $50 per month Reduce water use

Here are your options if you want to save money on water use:

Consider installing a low flow shower head. It will save water and energy in heating the water. Go in shower half the time (like 5 min instead of 15 min) or reduce frequency for taking shower, also prefer shower rather than bath.

Take a bath during the weekend to relax, while during the week, take a shower, this is also quicker. Take shorter showers.
Electricity (to heat up water) also costs money.

You can also put a low flow water limiter on all water-heads in the house.

Only run the washer or dishwasher when you have a full load.

Fix leaky toilets or faucets promptly. A constantly running toilet can waste 8,000 gallons of water a year.

When washing dishes by hand, fill the sink with water rather than washing dishes under running water.

Consider a front-loading washing machine. They use 50 percent less energy and one-third less water. Plus, they remove far more water in the rinse cycle, and that translates into big savings in dryer time.

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