52. Save $250+ per month Quit smoking

If you want to save money on smoking, here is your chance.

Quit smoking: It's much easier said than done, but smokers, you're burning up a gold mine. Smoking a pack a day costs about $1,460 a year.

Stop smoking. I did 10 months ago and saved between $250-$300 PER MONTH.

I calculated the amount they average annually on cigarettes. Being a former smoker myself, I was familiar with this and could sympathize with the challenge that laid ahead if they chose to make this adjustment. $3900.00 +/- a year ! THAT'S what they had "going up in smoke" annually.

Give up cigarettes or even cut your habit by half and put that money in the savings drawer. If you drop a packaday habit by half, you could easily bank well over $100 in a couple of months.

You cannot stop by yourself, try using medications like Nicorette chewing gum (the fruit version, orange package tastes good), Nicorette patches or even better Champix (which works very well and is not a nicotine derivative, it is formely an anti-depressant which proved to people that they stopped smoking, so it became a medication to stop smoking). Even if medications cost more than smoking in the short-time, you will stop smoking in 1-2 months, then this investment quickly pays off, plus you improve your health which is priceless!

Kick your expensive habits (cigarettes, alcohol)

If you save $300 per month from stopping to smoke and invest this into dividend stocks, you have accumulated $300,000 in 24 years time! (Also check out idea 118: $$$$$ >> Make $1 million in 24 years investing $1,000 per month in dividend stocks)

Also check out idea nr. 90: $$$ >> Make $2,000+ per month Become an Make-Money-Become-Millionaire consultant!

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