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People don't have the time, the patience, the internet savy, the knowledge to know what money making ideas works best for them or how to implement them.

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You can also make a report to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter friends/followers, a 20-30 page report with an overview of the best ideas on this website, which works best for them, as well as which has worked for you. Sell the report for $25, like an eBook pdf file. They pay you via PayPal for this report. Post to all of them, as well as each and one of them directly! If you have 1,000 friends/followers, you could sell 20 reports and make $500. With 10,000 friends/followers you could sell 200 reports and make $5,000.

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As you know, with the money-saving ideas, individuals can easily save $1,000 per month, families can save $2,000-3,000 per month.

With the money-making ideas, individuals can make an extra $4,000+ per month on only a few money-making ideas.

So if you have a $2,300 per month low-paid job at a company, and you make money with the gig economy this creates, you can make $1,500 per month on unemployment benefits or welfare, and you only need to cover $800 per month to make the same amount of money each month to quit your low-paying day job, which is easy!

More money-making ideas are coming...stay tuned!

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