Economic Idea 7: Promote the American investors visa program worldwide - Create 25 million jobs in 5 years time - Produce $375 billion per year of government revenues in 5 years time

This is a supergenius idea to boost foreign investment into the United States.

As you know, the American investors visa program, allows foreigners to come to the United States and invest into a US company, and they get a Green Card as well.

The minimum investment is $500,000. And the estimated created jobs are between 5 and 10, as the company will grow each year and employ even more people.

Those using the EB-5 investor visa are guaranteed citizenship at the end of 5 years of residency. There are no quotas or limits… stick to the terms of your agreement and you and your family will receive US passport(s).

The US EB-5 program is the most popular residency program in the world. It’s raised at least $8.7 billion and created 35,150 jobs since 2012. The program issues a maximum of 10,000 green cards a year and 90% of the applications come from China.

Suppose we market, advertise the American investors visa program worldwide, on the internet, on television, in magazines. But especially on the internet to over 10 million websites globally in regard to travel, finance, economy, etc, like implemented with web banners forwarded to the Department of Commerce Investors Visa Program government website.

Then, if it costs $3,000 on average in marketing to get 1 investor, then this 1 investor will bring in $500,000 or more of investment and create at least 5 jobs, at $15,000 per year of employment taxes, this brings in $75,000 in tax revenues with 5 jobs created at the company. So we have a 25x fold return on investment budgetwise.

So if we would budget a, rather small, $3 billion per year budget (with the United States Department of Commerce) for promoting foreign investment into the United States, and it costs $3,000 per gained investor, then we have 1 million new investors per year coming to the United States, producing with their companies 5 million more jobs per year, or 5 million x $15,000 per year in employment taxes = $75 billion per year of new tax revenues.

In 5 years time, this results in 25 million more jobs and $375 billion per year of new tax revenues.

It is thus extremely efficient to boost foreign investment into the United States, by promoting the American investors visa program worldwide!

This also fits into the America First policy of President Trump.

Write to President Trump so he proposes this idea as an election promise for the 2020 presidential elections!

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