216. Make $4,000+ per month - Promote houses for sale with flyers

Is there a genius way to sell your house quickly (within 1 month time) at maximum sales price (20+ offers) and cost-effectively?

Yes! By promotion with flyers!

Suppose you print 2,000 flyers per week of a house for sale, and in 1 week you distribute the flyers to people on the streets or to people their mail boxes, then 2,000 flyers reach 10,000 people (as the word goes round). The cost is only $1,000 to distribute the 2,000 flyers (50 cents per flyer handed out)

So your business is to promote houses for sale. You are the flyer guy. You create the flyer, like 2-sided color printed/copied flyer with the details of the house for sale.

Suppose you hand out 400 flyers per day (or 2,000 flyers in 5 days time, or 80 flyers per hour in 5 hours time), you hand out to people on the streets or in people their mail boxes (you are cheaper than the postal office that charges $1-$2).

You charge 50 cents per flyer handed out (your children can help you as well), then you make $200 per day or $1,000 per week in 5 days time.

Then in 1 week, 2,000 flyers campaign reaches about 10,000 people as the people discuss with other people (like with family and friends) that there is a house for sale and the word goes around.

You run the campaign for 4 weeks and charge $4,000, $1,000 per week then 8,000 flyers are disributed and 50,000 people know there is a house for sale, soon the whole city knows there is a house for sale and the house owner gets 10-20 leads or offers to sell the house.

The house seller adds $5,000-$10,000 on top of the price like $300,000 house is for sale at $310,000, the more leads, the higher the price can be sold for so the house seller gets his/her $4,000 marketing dollars back!

The printing cost to print 8,000 flyers (recto-verso, 2 sided) with the house-for-sale details can be 5-10 cents per flyer with the printing agency, so that's an additonal cost of $400-$800 which the house seller pays for. Then the total cost is $4,400-$4,800 to get the house sold in 1 month time and reach the whole city (50,000+ people)

The flyer can state there is a weekly, like on Saturdays, house open-door or sightseeing for people who are interested to visit the house with a free glass of champagne. So this will bring 30-50 people per week visiting the house for sale. After 4 weeks, and dozens of offers, the house is sold at good price.

The owner of the house spends $4,400-$4,800 in marketing costs, but can up the price of the house by $5,000-$10,000 to recoup his/her flyer marketing costs as there are multiple offers to buy the house and thus the final sales price goes up.

You get paid $4,000 for 1 month (paid weekly $1,000) to distribute the 8,000 flyers to local people in the city and/or to local people their mail boxes.

You make $200 per day handing out 400 flyers per day!

That guarantees the house is sold within 1 month time as the whole city knows there is a house for sale and bring the house a visit (for a free 1-2 glasses of champagne, weekly Saturday open-door house party/event)

Also real estate agents can distribute brochures of multiple houses for sale in the city like with printed brochure and have the flyer guys hand out the flyers. This will bring hundreds of interested house buyers to the real estate office each month at the marketing cost of less than $5,000 per month!

So if you want to sell your house quickly, within 1 month and get mutiple, dozens of offers to buy your house, you need to hire the flyer guys.

You as the flyer guy can run your own business like local website, whereby you design the flyer for house sellers, and print out the flyers and distribute the flyers for a cost of $1,200 per week ($1,000 for distributing the 2,000 flyers, $200 to print/color-copy the 2,000 flyers). Or for a 4 week campaign $4,800.
After 1 week of running the campaign, the house seller will get dozens of leads and phone calls to visit the house for sale on a Saturday and see the return on investment immediately! Afterwards, the house seller runs the campaign for another 3 weeks and 6,000 flyers until a few dozens offers are made and the house is sold for maximum price within 1 month time!

This flyer-business can bring you $1,000 per week of income, or $4,000 per month and your children and homeless people can help distribute the flyers!

Millions of houses are for sale in the USA at any given time, so if you contact house sellers or real estate agents, 1 in 10 may want to do business with you and you only need 1 client per month! Distribute 200 business cards to local people and you get 10 clients in no time! Like "I will sell your house in 1 month time at maximum price - flyer business!"

Real estate agents may ask/offer their house owners who sell their houses through real estate agent, this flyer-promotion business/service to get their houses sold in 1 month time at maximum price offer! As well, they can list multiple house offers on 1 brochure/flyer.

You can also promote (expensive) cars for sale, or jobs at the local company (like flyer/brochure with 10 job openings of local company), or promote local retail businesses (like clothing stores, shopping stores, car dealerships, etc), or promote clubs or flyers to promote products for sale of web businesses (as 50 cents is the cost to distribute the flyer while an internet visitor goes at $1 cost per visitor, and the conversion rate of flyers is 10 times higher than a website visitor (as when prospect reads flyer and visits website is much more interested to buy as well and shares the flyer with other people), so 20x fold higher ROI of flyer marketing compared to internet marketing, plus you reach the billions of customers who are not on the internet, so you reach offline customers instead of only online customers)

Needless to say, all businesses should consider flyer marketing to get higher ROI and to reach the offline customers (people, customers who are not online).

If you hand out 2 flyers or 3 flyers per person, you could be making $200-$400 per day more, or $8-$12,000 per month! Like a flyer to promote a house, a jobs flyer and a retail store flyer. So you hand out 3 flyers at the same time for 1,200 (3x400) flyers per day!

Start a C-corporation or LLC corporation or become self-employed as by-profession (with your own tax id) so you can work for companies distributing flyers while you still collect unemployment benefits or welfare!

Promote retail stores, like $5 coupon on flyer if you order for $50 or more from clothing/retail store! Or $5 in store/online credit if you become a new customer of Amazon, Apple, Dell, etc!

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