193. Promote people their houses and cars for sale with flyers and printed brochures - Make $200 per day - Make $4,000 per month

The idea is simple, you check out websites for houses for sale in your neighborhood or cars for sale in your neighborhood and you offer them to market their houses or cars for sale on the local streets.

You charge them $250 for 400 flyers or printed brochures per day, distributed on the streets.

You create for them the flyer or printed brochure (like with details about the house or car and pictures), print them (like with a color printer and copies on a color-copy machine) and you distribute them on the streets.

Like you hand over people on the streets the flyer or printed brochure.

After 400 people per day, you have created maybe 5-20 leads per day for people who are interested to buy the house or car.

You make $200 profit per day ($50 goes to printing the flyer or brochure)

This idea is very easy and you make more money each day than doing a low-paid job.

You can also create your own personal website where you offer this service on your website and you guarantee they will have leads for buyers.

And you email to all people who sell houses or cars for sale (and these are 10,000-100,000 house-selling, car-selling prospects in your city alone), the website link of your service, or you call them one-by-one and offer this service for $250 per day cost.

You can also write to your Facebook friends, if they are selling a house or car, and you will promote it for them.

Or if you are selling a house or car, offer this service to your Facebook friends, so they distribute the flyers and brochures on the local streets for $250 per day.

As the word goes around, a 400 flyer/brochure distribution per day reaches over 1,000+ local people per day!

Your marketing dollars are well-spent! You will sell your house or car in days or several weeks!

You can turn this into a business, ask your friends if they want to distribute 400 flyers or brochures per day for $100, then you make $100 profit per friend per day!

Offer a promotion for the house or car on sale, like $10,000 discount on house with this brochure, or $1,000 discount on car with this brochure!

Real estate agents and car dealerships can create a 20-page brochure to promote 40 houses and cars for sale and ask people to distribute 400 brochures per day on the streets to local people for $200 per day. This may give 5-20 leads per day visiting their office!

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