235. Make $10,000+ per month - Register affiliate programs of client websites as marketer on affiliate networks - Promote affiliate programs on your website - Facebook and Google should promote affiliate programs advertising instead of individual affiliate links of products or services for their clients

As you know, there are thousands of affiliate networks any company can join with their affiliate program. Each network may produce 1,000 sales per month, when websites promote the affiliate programs.

Not only websites, Instagram and Facebook fans pages, Tiktok, YouTube can promote affiliate programs. For example, you earn a commission on Instagram for sharing an affiliate link, you thus join the affiliate program and promote with Instagram affiliate links.

For the 1 billion websites, if Google or Facebook allows sharing of affiliate programs instead of affiliate links, the advertising cost can be $10 or even $100, per registration so your Google Adsense revenue can be $10-$100 per click. For example, Tesla pays $10-$100 per click for websites to join their affiliate program, so website owners, Instagram users, Facebook users, promote the affiliate links of Tesla cars.

So the revenues for affiliate program advertising could be 10 times higher for Google Adsense or Facebook. Just imagine, one website with 100,000 visitors daily adds affiliate links of Tesla cars on their website. Then, this may result in 1 sale per day for Tesla, so $10-$100 per click is a right price to pay.

So website owners, instead of promoting content ads or affiliate links, they should promote affiliate programs, then they earn 10x times more in ad revenues.

Do a Google search "affiliate networks", then there are 1,000ds of website networks promoting an affiliate program. If you have a company, this is 0 cost in advertising budget, to set a commission fee on their affiliate program to join each affiliate network.

You can create a service, like $299 per month per client to have the affiliate program of a company being placed on the 1,000ds of affiliate networks. This is a data input job.

You easily have 100rds of clients, who want the partnering and affiliate program sharing to be shared on the 1,000ds of affiliate network websites.

So with 100 clients, at $299 per month, you can make $30,000+ per month easily!

There will be massive competition in sharing the affiliate programs of companies on the 1,000ds of affiliate networks, billions of websites and on billions of social media profile networks like Instagram and Facebook.

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