215. Make $2,000+ per month - Personal secretary service at-home-job - Easy job!

As you know, people get phone calls all the time, from friends, family, business connections, strangers, sales people, etc

If you are at work doing a 9-5 job or you run your business, or you do a side hustle (like driving for family or friends), or you are at a shopping mall, or you are together with your family (like seeing the kids and partner), or you want to take some rest and sleep until 12 am the next morning, or you are on vacation  or take some time off, or you are too busy, you need a personal secretary. Time is money!

It also looks professional if you have your own personal secretary, and you have a helping hand to schedule your day!

Millions of people need this service!

Hiring a personal secretary can cost you $3,000+ per month, here is your business:

You ask only $199 per month to become personal secretary. You have a separate phone (like cheap non-smartphone for $50 with SIM card) and the client forwards his cellphone to your client's cellphone as well give the number of your client's cellphone to his/her connections, so they call you, the personal secretary and not him/her.

So you pick up the phone and answer as a personal secretary for the client. You discuss with your client when to bother him (if it's an important phone call that needs direct attention or not so important, you call your client back later).

You may also have to schedule your phone call or meetings for the client. So you need to get an online scheduler you share with your client (like search Google "online scheduler"). You client types the schedule on the scheduler and you share his/her online scheduler.

If it is a business man/women with so many phone calls each day (like 20+ phone calls per day), you may charge $399 per month. It is up to you and your client to negotiate the right price. If it's less than 20 phone calls per day, you charge only $199 per month.

Promote this personal secretary business with business cards (200 business cards gives you 10 clients), or with Facebook, Instagram, etc

You can also have your own website/blog, whereby you promote your personal secretary service.

If you have 10 clients (and 10 cell phone (numbers) with 10 SIM cards), you have a full-time job (you may handle 100+ phone calls per day), and you make $2,000 per month! Get an unlimited phone call plan for $30-$40 per month on your personal cellphone/smartphone so you don't pay excessive calling charges and you contact your clients with your personal phone!

It's an easy work-at-home job any woman/man can do!

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