220. Partner with charities - Pay zero personal income taxes or zero corporate income taxes - Tax loophole for companies

As you know, if you donate to charity, you can tax deduct it from your personal income taxes or corporate income taxes. Like you have to pay $10,000 in personal taxes, you donate $10,000 to charity which you tax deduct and you need to pay $0 to the IRS.

Same for companies, you have to pay $1 million in taxes, you donate $1 million to charity which you tax deduct and you need to pay $0 to the IRS.
You can also donate personal shares of a public company to charity, like Elon Musk donates money to World Food Program with personal shares and tax deducts it from his personal income taxes.

So people and companies can bring their tax bill to $0 by donating to the World Food Program, Unicef, (American) Red Cross or other charities.

Also, companies can start their own charity, like for example the Tesla charity or Amazon charity, and can tax deduct the corporate income taxes with donations towards their charity, which in turn donates to their favorite charities. Would you be willing to buy more; a car from Tesla if 1% of sales goes to charity, or would you be willing to buy more from Amazon if 1% of sales goes to charity? Of course, it would affect buying decisions by customers and more sales revenues for the companies.

The World Food Program can create partnerships with private and public companies that they are allowed to market their products, and sales and marketing as partners of the World Food Program. Which in return, increases the corporate revenues and as well reduces their corporate tax income, it is a charity tax loophole for companies.

Also people can create their own charity organisation, like they ask $29 per month for charity, $15 stays as profit in the charity and $14 goes towards the charities of choice.

Like donate $100, $50 is kept as profit for the charity, $50 goes towards the charities of choice.

Also, any website can sponsor the World Food Program, Unicef or American Red Cross, and people will share their website (on Facebook, Twitter, etc) because they share a good cause and their website grows automatically and faster (like I am doing with this website). Some charities may offer affiliate commissions, then you can make money as web owner by sponsoring charity.

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