Economic Idea 14: Job bonuses for hiring employees are not taxable - Company-sponsored bounty program for hiring employees - Create 20 million jobs in 5 years time - Create $400 billion per year of more government revenues in 5 years time

Here is the solution to speed up job creation even faster:

1. Job bonuses for hiring employees are not taxable:

If companies hire employees, they can pay them a job bonus for hiring them, so for signing the contract, they don't pay 30% tax on the job bonus. Neither there are personal income taxes for the employee to pay on this job bonus.

We want to make sure companies offer job bonuses to new employees for signing their contract, like a $1,000 job bonus for signing the employment contract. There will be no taxes levied. For hard to fill job positions, a job bonus of $2,000 all the way up to $10,000 can be possible and non-taxable.

If 50% of companies hire employees with a job bonus for signing their employment contract, there is a much bigger chance they can fill the job positions and fill them fast. The competition on the jobs market between companies will be huge in regard to a massive 100+ million jobs plan. By giving job bonuses, companies can recruit employees much faster and very efficiently.

2. Company-sponsored bounty program for hiring employees:

We already have the $500 government-sponsored bounty program for filling positions in companies (also see: Economic Idea 13: Government bounty program to help people get a job), so people who help unemployed find a job, like employment offices they get a $500 bounty. What if the company that recruits employees, can also implement a bounty for an additional $500-$1,000 or more, then employment offices will work even harder to fill the positions and chances job positions are filled are much faster and more efficiently.

So the government would collect the payment for the company-sponsored bounty, like the company pays an additional $500 bounty, for a total bounty of $1,000, then the government gives the $1,000 bounty for filling the job to the employment office or to the person who has helped the job seeker find the job at this company.

Both 2 ideas will speed up job creation for at least another 20 million jobs within 5 years time and $400 billion per year of new government revenues in 5 years time.

This is an awesome solution to boost the US economy and to create massive jobs!

Write to President Trump so he proposes this idea as an election promise for the 2020 presidential elections!

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