Economic Idea 1: National healthcare bidding system - 4 times cheaper private health insurance - free HIV/AIDS treatment in the USA - Create 30 million US jobs

This is my first economic/healthcare idea, which is republican, an election promise for President Trump.

As you know, the healthcare bidding system in the United States is state-dependent. Obamacare or the state-wide healthcare insurance platform results in monopolies for healthcare insurance providers. You get only 2-3 quotes from healthcare insurance providers per state. If on the other hand, we would make a national healthcare insurance bidding system, then you get 52x times as many quotes from insurance companies, so 100+ insurance quotes. Like you are from California and you ask for the cheapest insurance, then you get 100+ quotes from insurance companies nationwide and your best quote will be at least 50% cheaper, like a New York insurance company offers the best price quote 50% cheaper than Californian health insurance companies.

So we have a nationwide, national bidding system in place, a republican healthcare idea, this is not a state-run government program like democrats would propose. Americans and American companies (for their employees) save 50% on their healthcare insurance, like instead of $500 per month, they pay only $250 per month! Huge savings for companies too!

These savings of $250 per month or $3,000 per year results in increased consumer spending by 5-10% and boosts our GDP growth by 5% per year.
Also from the $1 trillion+ per year in healthcare savings, the US government saves and makes $300 billion per year as well, also from increased consumer spending and 30 million new jobs are created in 5 years time due to increased consumer spending (from savings on healthcare insurance)!

Also, it must be possible to switch at any time from healthcare insurance provider on a monthly basis, even if you have a 2-year contract, you can switch at any time each month to a cheaper healthcare insurance provider, so the competition will be huge, any insurance company that lowers their quotes can get the customers of other insurance companies nationwide immediately.

Also for pre-medical existing conditions like cancer treatment, they can include this with their quote request to find the cheapest insurance immediately from 100+ insurance companies nationwide.

We could also propose a separate government-run cancer insurance program, so whereby cancer patients get their cancer insurance quotes from the government another 2x times cheaper, so 4x cheaper than now, as soon as they are diagnosed with cancer they can apply for government insurance (so for example an extension of Medicare). This will make private insurance plans nationwide (not only for cancer patients) 4x cheaper again! So then an American only pays $125 per month on average for their private health insurance, and companies also save huge on their healthcare employment insurance plans so they will boost job creation and expand their employment insurance plans to more employees.

Also free HIV/AIDS treatment in the Unites States. A 3-step plan to cure America from the AIDS epidemic:
1. All Americans are checked/screened (for free) for HIV positive or not by their docter
2. Those HIV positive get treatment for free
3. All HIV positive take FDA-approved Truvada for free so they can have sex without spreading the disease, then the spread of HIV ends in the United States, and we have 0 new HIV positives per day in the USA.

An idea for President Trump (like a NY governor proposes). A government budget of $5-$10 billion per year stops the AIDS/HIV epidemic in the United States! We save this money, the money comes back from: 1. increased tourism (America is AIDS free), 2. healthcare savings and no deaths due to AIDS, 3. more jobs created by former HIV/AIDS positives

Combat the opiod crisis - free methadone treatment:
We also need a comprehensive plan to combat the opiod crisis in America. A solution is to make methadone treatment for free (like free methadone medications and free administration, free docters visit, or free methadone clinics visit). This may cost a $30 billion budget per year, but if we can get only 3 million more former drug addicts off drugs and to get them to work (to get a job) in the United States, we already make back the $30 billion per year budget. Btw, we make over $300 billion per year in tax revenues on the national bidding healthcare system, we can allocate a small portion of these revenues to budget this. Plus we are saving American lives, which is priceless!

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Get help today! If you or someone you know is addicted to illegal drugs, tell them about this US government website:

Write to President Trump so he proposes these ideas as an election promise for the 2020 presidential elections!

President Trump announced, when he gets reelected he will cure cancers and HIV worldwide! In 2020 kickoff, Trump promises cancer, AIDS cures!

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