183. Make money with social media advertising - Ask companies to promote their products or services to your social media network - Make $100-$1,000+ per day - Make $3,000-$30,000+ per month


Celebrities and influencers can earn a fortune endorsing products - but does it matter what network they post on? The answer is a resounding yes.

Brands have been paying celebrities to endorse their products on social media for years. But it turns out the amount of money an individual can earn varies significantly depending on the platform they post on.

According to figures published by The Economist, YouTube is the golden egg for celebs and influencers lucky enough to have large enough followings.

YouTube stars with more than 7 million followers can expect to earn an eye-watering $300,000 per post. Even those with a comparatively paltry 100,000 followers can still command $12,500.

Facebook is the next lucrative platform. Individuals with more than 7 million followers can rake in $187,500 for commercial endorsements, while Snapchat and Instagram are level-pegging at $150,000 each.

Twitter, meanwhile, lags behind somewhat. Celebs in the 7m-follower bracket can ‘only’ command $60,000. Still not bad for what probably amounts to around 10 seconds’ work.

Please check out the graph below:

What is your job?

As you know, it takes years of time to create a 100,000-500,000+ followers, unless you have a website to boost your popularity or are an influencer yourself on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapshat, Vine, Twitter, etc

What if you are the middle-man. You first get in contact with influencers (those who have a 100,000-500,000+ followers). Then you tell them, you will find companies that will pay you $5,000+ per post, even if they pay only $1,000 for a 100,000+ followers post, that's easy money.

You ask a 20% commission, like for $1,000 post, you ask the influencer $200. For a $5,000 post, you ask your influencer $1,000 commission. Placing a post is 1 minute of work!

The influencer is happy, he/she makes $1,000 per post, with 1 post per day, he/she makes $1,000-$200 of your commission = $800 per day profit. You make sure the influencer can make money and you find advertisers for the influencer!

Promoting real estate

You contact real estate companies and people selling their houses, tell them for $1,000, they can post to one of your influencers of 100,000+ followers, you contact the influencer when the company/person is interested, and make a deal for $200 commission. With pictures of the house to be posted! One post of $1,000 may sell the house!

Combine your Facebook friends accounts and ask $100 per post

You can also contact companies, department stores (shops), hotels, restaurants, if they want to advertise to social media. Like for example for 10,000 Facebook followers, you ask $100, 5 friends with each 2,000 Facebook friends, you pay each friend $10 per post ($50) by PayPal, you pocket $50 profit.

Create a social media advertising website

Eventually, create a website with social media accounts on it, like 5 accounts of 2,000 Facebook friends. Offer $100 per post (you take $50 commission). Or a 100,000+ Instagram account, offer $1,000 per post (you take $500 commission). As your website grows, you are making $1,000ds of dollars per day of revenues and profits!

Create your own 10,000+ Facebook/Instagram followers account

As you know, you can make $100 per 10,000 Facebook friends per post, add 30 Facebook friends per day on your Facebook account, then in 333 days (within 1 year), you have a 10,000 Facebook friends account. (Be careful, check out the guidelines of Facebook, your account may get banned if you add too many friends, only add friend suggestions!) Then you can make $100 per day posting ads to your Facebook friends! The same applies to your Instagram account. As well, ask your hotel or restaurant to create a promotion, like $20 discount on hotel or $5 discount on restaurant menu, post it to your 10,000 Facebook/Instagram friends/followers and they may give you a free hotel stay or free meal at the restaurant! Especially with Facebook, these are local people, so they are much more likely to book the local hotel/restaurant!

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