99. Make $1,000+ per month – Make money with SEO, Search Engine Optimization

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to get to the top position in search results (like when doing a Google search), submit to as many directories and search engines as possible (like Google, Yahoo) and create as many backlinks to your site as possible, in order to increase the number of visitors on your website.

About ad revenues

Advertising revenues for your website can come from banners, links (like the famous Google links), or affiliate advertising, like the Amazon Affiliate Program.

With banners you get paid by CPM, cost per thousand impressions, which is usually $2-$4 per banner (per 1,000 page views). There are many banner networks, like ContextWeb, AdClickMedia, Adbrite, Adify, BuzzLogic, and Casale Media. (Search on the internet which onces works best and pays most)

With Google AdSense, you get paid on a click basis, cost-per-click (CPC), this includes links and banners: for each click a visitor makes on the advertised Google links or banners, which can go between 10 cents and $1.

In regard to affiliate advertising, basically, an example of an affiliate sale would be if you sold lawn mowers and I referred a customer to you, if they purchased you would pay me back a % of the sale for referring them. There are many affiliate programs.

You can also sell direct ad space directly from advertisers. These are usually banners. This is only useful if you have a lot of website traffic already.

There are, of course, also websites that solely sell products and services online (no ad revenues); they will generate their revenues from sales instead of ad revenues. The key is to create articles for them in regard to their products and publish them (submit them with search engines and directories) in order to generate traffic to their website so sales revenues will increase from internet marketing. These are free visitors to their site.

Also, only submit unpublished content. If it has already been published, then the blog or site that is going to post your article won’t get any search engine traffic for that article. It is also illegal to copy or publish other websites their content, see copyright laws.

There are many ways you can achieve SEO:

1. Optimize your website articles for optimal submission

Write your articles of your website or blog with the right article Titles, Keywords and Terms used.
You can search on Google with the Google’s Keyword Tool which keywords and terms used in your articles are most searched and have least competition.

Title Tags
This may be the single most important part of on-page SEO. The title tag of your website is what shows up in the top of your browser window. It is also one of the most important determining factors that the search engines use to determine what your site is about. Make sure your main keywords are in the title tags.

Keyword Research
If you are trying to get traffic from search engines, it is always a good idea to know what people are searching for before you start writing. I often use Aaron Wall’s keyword tool and run some keyword ideas through it to get estimates of how many people are searching for them.

Do not add keywords at the bottom of your pages or include hided terms, this is called index-spamming; Google will not cache your pages, in the worst case, Google may ban your complete website.

2. Earn Money Doing Directory Submission

In order for a website or blog to be successful and make money, it needs traffic. There are many ways to work on traffic. One way is to submit your site to website directories. But, many webmasters and bloggers are busy with other aspects of running a site, so they don’t have time to do this. That’s where you can come in and offer to submit their site to directories for a fee. Use forums to offer your service to webmasters. There are hundreds of web directories and search engines, the most important onces are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search on the internet for the term “Directory submission” or “Search engine submission”. There is software available that submits your website, there are companies that offer this as a service, and there are free submission websites, including manual submission websites.

3. Write site reviews that you post on other websites and create backlinks

If you don't know anything about SEO, here is a little bit of info: One way website rank high is to have links on other sites. So if you approach a company and tell them you will write reviews on their site in forum boards and blog posts comments and included a link for X amount of dollars. Then gather all the information you can about the company, and write a 500-700 word story on the company and go to forum boards and comment on blogs and include the link. Then, just to go above and beyond, make a list off all the sites and send them to the boss man, just to know they are getting something for their money.

If you are into Search Engine Optimization, start a service, many webmasters are clueless on SEO. They will gladly pay you to do the work for them. I've made upwards of $15 an hour doing simple things such as building backlinks.

Start A Quality Link Building Service: The key word to success here is quality. You can make a lot of money with this kind of service but you need to be dedicated to providing what people are looking for. The simple fact is that a website which has more links coming into it will rank more highly with the search engines and be regarded as a more popular site. Many webmasters don’t have the time to create those links themselves, but they are willing to pay someone else to do it for them.

Other people can also link with their websites to your pages. The bottom line about link-building is that you have to create something great that people want to link to. If you can consistently do that, many other things will fall into place.

4. Use other tools to increase traffic to your website

You can also use a link-exchange and banner-exchange network whereby traffic from other websites are shared with links from other websites are shared including banners you post on your website articles from other websites. The key is, the more backlinks to your website, the higher you rank at the search engines and the higher the traffic.

5. Do article submissions

Submit articles to article submission sites. These sites collect articles and most allow a bio-section that can include a link back to your blog or website. Here are a few that are worth looking into…

Conclusion: if you have created your own website or blog and are experienced with SEO, you can advertise your SEO services. Offer them a flat fee of $200 for example to do SEO for their website, depending on the size of their website, or charge them upwards $15 per hour.
You can also contact webmasters directly, like per email or by phone, and offer them your services. Chances are, once you have built your own website, there will be people asking your to perform SEO for them.
If they can double their monthly ad revenues, $200 is well spent on SEO.

Become a master in SEO and search on the internet how people can get more revenues from their Ad Sense advertising, provide a complete package of SEO services and be cheaper than the competition, then you can successfully run your own SEO business. Include customer remarks on your SEO website, like: increased my ad revenues by $1,500 per month with your SEO.

Check out Seoclerk.com and Fiverr.com (search SEO) to outsource your SEO work to professionals at minimum cost, which you can outsource at 5x-10x it's price!

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