82. Make $10,000+ per year – Make money with flipping websites or buy websites to earn monthly income

One proven way to make money with websites is by flipping websites:

To make money flipping websites is by scooping up cheap, under-performing websites, tweaking them, and reselling them for a tidy profit.
Here’s how:

1. Search places like Flippa.com, websitebroker.com and similar marketplaces for low-priced, low-profit websites where you can clearly see how to boost profits. You can usually pick them up for a few hundred dollars.
2. Tweak the sites. Improve the sales process, add more content, monetize the site better and start driving traffic.
3. Once you have better conversion numbers and the site is making a proven profit, resell it for around 6-12 month’s worth of profits. For example, a site making just $100 per month could sell for $600 to $1200 (or even more, if you find the right buyer).
4. Reinvest some of your profits into buying more sites. Rinse and repeat until you’re making at least $10,000 a month!

Buy websites to earn monthly income:

If you have the capital, you could buy websites (with content) that earns you monthly income.

For example, you have $10,000 to invest, you buy 5 blogging websites that yield each $200 per month of advertising income, so $1,000 per month of income.
As long as the monthly ad revenues stays constant, or increases (suppose you add new content to those sites and you tweak them), you could basically earn a 100% return on your investment every year. That's not bad. After 5 years, your initial $10,000 investment may turn into $50,000.

Be careful that you only buy content-produced ad revenues websites (like blogs), because in many cases websites will sell that have unproven income, like income from affiliates selling, or from selling products. You are never sure if those websites will continue to earn as much monthly income in the future as they do today. Do a careful analysis before you buy a website.

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