146. Make $10,000+ per month - Make money with Fiverr gig arbitrage, reselling gigs on other gig websites

You can easily make $1,000-$10,000+ per month reselling gigs from one gig website to another (there are over 20 gig websites).
Like a $5 Fiverr gig resold for $10 on SEOclercks, or a $20 Fiverr gig resold for $40 on SEOclercks, giving you at least $20 per day profit.
If you do 10 gigs like that, the most popular gigs, and 5/20 gigs is sold each day on these 20+ gig websites, you make an easy $1,000 per day profit (10 gigs * 5 gigs on 20+ gig websites sold per day * $20 profit per gig).

Gigs can be Youtube promotion, Instagram promotion, website promotion, SEO, backlinks creation, etc you name it.

Just search on Fiverr for most popular quality gigs to be resold, as well as search on other gig websites to resell gigs on Fiverr, etc
Sometimes, gigs can be found cheaper than on Fiverr or not yet available on Fiverr.
People from all around the world compete for the cheapest prices and best quality on these gig websites, a gig normally costing $50 by a US worker can be found for $5 by an Indian worker.

Lastly, once you have 20-50 gigs to be resold, think of creating your own website (like a SEO company website), as to resell those gigs to the mass public. This is a slower start, but produces more customers each month as you can grow unlimited. You can always advertise your website cheaply and turn your advertising into a profit.

Also note, on Fiverr there are fees like $2 per gig, you have to take this into consideration, a $5 gig may cost you $7. So you resell for at least $12. As well, there are tips to be earned on these gig websites, that would bring in extra money.

Also note, on many gig websites like on Upwork, you can charge by the hour, like $20 per hour to perform a gig. So your profit margin can be much higher (for example, you charge $20 per hour for 5 hours and make $100, while the gig costs you only $7, $5+$2 fees on Fiverr, thus over $90 profit)!

Here are the most important Fiverr-alike gig websites, so you can resell to over 20 websites at once (each website may give you one sale or more per gig per day!)

1. Seoclerks
Seoclerks is heavily invested in online marketing and search engine optimization.
In fact, this is the go-to place (even better than Fiverr) if you have experience in this field.

The traffic here is fantastic, and work produced here is known to have fetched right up to $999.
There is also a decent choice of payment mode, from PayPal to Payee, and AlertPay/Payza.

2. TaskArmy
TA is normally referred to as one of those short tasks sites.
Comparatively speaking, TaskArmy may not be as familiar a name as Fiverr.
And I think it is for good reason: the website actively discourages over aggressive bidding and keeps a tight lid on work quality, which has become the norm with some other micro jobs websites (including Fiverr).
Instead of automatic approval, those who want to provide a service will have to go through diligent processes and only real people behind the website will make that approval decision.

The website encourages competitive bidding, but just as well, they always emphasize that bidding price should stay proportionate and realistic.
The mark of professionalism is hard to miss, and I recommend this site strongly regardless if you are in the mood to buy or sell.

3. Envato Studio
This site offers a comprehensive range of services related to the digital marketplace.
In that regards, there are always plenty of jobs for programmers, website designers, online content creators, and graphic designers.
The site is fairly easy to navigate and you pretty much get to what you want in a breeze.
Another positive aspect for me is that just like TaskArmy above, members’ qualification is properly screened and approved.
Correspondingly, they also take on more realistic pricing that sets it apart from the wild swing in prices as seen on sites like Fiverr and its wannabes.

4. GigBucks
This has an absolute advantage over Fiverr in that it allows bidding range of $5-$50.
Other than that, there is also no registration fee and there is no preset limit on how many gigs a provider can set his hand on.
For payment options, you choose between Payza and credit cards.

5. Zeerk
You should not ignore Zeerk if you are hoping to land more meaty gigs.
Here you can bid up to $100 finally.
Charges are proportionately rated based on the level of skill and expectation.
There are also gigs that cost little like two dollars, and for those jobs, no commission will be imposed!

6. Damongo
I really can’t tell it apart from Fiverr. They seem to get their acts right in resembling Fiverr’s look and feel.
So if you are already familiar with Fiverr, this particular website certainly makes it easy for you to navigate and find the right gigs.

7. MicroWorkers
Official site: https://microworkers.com/
This one counts as among the early pioneers in the online freelancing industry.

8. DoJobsOnline

9. FiverUp
This one looks almost exactly like Fiverr (most of them do since they all use the same script that the platform is built on).
You can buy and sell gigs from $4 to $100.

10. Upwork (charge by the hour)

11. Freelancer

12. PeoplePerHour

13. TopTal

14. DesignCrowd

15. Guru

16. Nexxt

17. TaskRabbit

18. ContentDaDa

This list was originally much bigger, but a lot of Fiverr clone sites disappear as fast as they appear.
Everybody is trying to replicate the success of Fiverr as a money making site, but not many are realizing that they have to put their own twist into it to make it successful.

There are probably 50 more Fiverr clone sites, search Google for "Fiverr clone websites", or "Fiverr alternative websites".

You may run this business of reselling gigs into a $1 million per year profit business in 1-2 years time, therefore this is a 7-star idea ($$$$$$$)!

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