111. Make $1,000+ per month – Make money with child day care

If you happen to be a stay-at-home mom and want to earn a good living running your own business but do not have a lot of startup money maybe you should consider your own day care business which is operated out of your house.
One reason this is a great business to get started is you do not need much in the way of startup costs and if you are already a mother with small children you have most of what you need.

A few things you will need to do is register your new business, go through an inspection, and get a good insurance policy.
In many states you will need to have an approved curriculum that you can use to teach the children.
You will need a spare room that you can devote to teaching and plenty of space for the children to nap.
You’re going to need a fenced in area outside with adequate and safe playground equipment.
The number of children that you can provide day care for any one time varies from state to state so be sure and check on all the rules and regulations of your state before you start your new business.
In some states you will need to take training to be a day care worker, which will be provided in the form of a course with a trained teacher.
You should also make sure to get first aid and CPR training and make sure you are trained in the Heimlich procedure in the event that a child might choke on something.
You will need a backup teacher who is also qualified and trained that can step in should you go on vacation, or be sick, or need to be away for any reason. The backup teacher should go through a police background check.

Finding customers: Put a small ad in a newspaper in your area, which says home day care provided low rates and your cell phone number. Put a magnetic sign on your car, which says the same thing. Put a sign in your yard with the same thing. Place some ads on Craigslist.com.
Find out how much other day care centers are charging per week and then lower your price by $10 per child just to start with and no time at all you will be busy.

A day care is a great way to make very good money but you must love taking care of children.
There are plenty of government regulations about how many children you can have in the home per adult and a certain number of square feet and if you need certified teachers or nurses on hand, not to mention at least one hot meal a day.

If you're just starting out, consider advertising yourself as a babysitting service and take on only a few kids at a time. As your business becomes more profitable and reputable and as you become more acclimated and/or equipped to hire a helper, you can start to expand. When that happens, you may want to rent space in a civic or religious center. Some people even purchase a vacant house or build their own facility. Of course, you'll need zoning approval from the city council before you proceed with these plans.

Doing this business for full-time income? Then I suggest getting a bigger place to place the establishment. The money that can be made in the daycare industry is very lucrative. Some centers charge between $70-$90 a week for services. Imagine if you have about 10 kids that has been signed up with the service and we are going to use the least amount, say $65 a week per child. That rounds off at $2,600 a month and remember, people actually charge more per child depending on your city location.

Take advantage of state programs or grants for daycare providers. As previously stated, there are a number of benefits to registering your daycare business with your state. One of those benefits is the savings you may find. Some states allow daycare providers to lease or borrow daycare supplies, such as high chairs and cots, for free or for an affordable rate.

Daycare can be a profitable business, but don't be afraid to start out small. If you only need a little extra money, you may find you enjoy taking care of just a handful of children. If, on the other hand, you want to expand, there is certainly room in the market to do so.

Save all receipts. As with all businesses, you are able to deduct your expenses. Daycare providers, like you, can save a considerable amount of money on taxes when saving all receipts.

Did you know that most states require daycare providers with a certain number of children to be registered by the state? If you are looking to make the most money running a daycare business, you should register with your state. This may require training classes and inspections, but you can legally watch more children and make more money.

For those that want to start an unlicensed home day care business:

1. Check with local and state authorities and make sure it's legal to offer unlicensed home daycare in your city and state. Follow all restrictions and daycare regulations when preparing to offer unlicensed care.

2. Set hours and fees to be paid. Call or ask around to see what hours other providers are offering and what fees they are charging. Decide how vacation and sick days will be handled, both when the children are sick and when the daycare provider is ill. Will the parents need to find their own back-up care? Or will the provider have an assistant come in to watch the children? Write up a daycare contract for the parents to sign.

3. Decide what items will be provided by the parents of the daycare children and what items will be supplied by the daycare home. Diapers, wipes, formula and baby food can add to the daycare home expenses. Consider asking parents to supply these items. Snacks, meals for older children, tissues, etc. are more often supplied by the daycare home.

4. Gather supplies for the home daycare. The children will need indoor and outdoor toys and a clean and safe place to nap.

5. Make sure all play areas accessed by the children are clean and safe. Secure electrical outlets with outlet covers. Verify that all cords are out of reach or securely fastened so the children can't get to them. Use safety locks on cabinets is necessary. Keep small objects out of the reach of babies and toddlers.

Ask for referrals from friends and family to advertise your business.

Babysitting for $1,000 per month: If you love kids, then babysitting on nights and weekends is a good way to beef up your bank account. Depending on where you live and the job in question, you might earn up to $20 an hour watching other people’s children. Granted, you’ll need to be willing to give up a decent chunk of your personal downtime to hit the $1,000 mark on a monthly basis, but think about it this way: Babysitting often means sitting on somebody else’s couch while children are asleep. And really, that’s not so hard. Just be aware that some families will want you to become CRP-certified before hiring you. If so, you’ll need to complete a brief course, but a non-expensive one at that.

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