61. Make $1,000+ per month – Make money on Ebay: sell your (and other people's) stuff on Ebay, Craigslist

Sell it on Ebay! Do a full inventory of your possessions. What do you own that you can sell? I’ve successfully sold used military uniforms, computer parts, martial arts equipment, and instruments on Ebay. Do you have slightly used clothing? Shoes? Purses? Try selling them as a whole lot. Some items ship & sell better than others, so do some research to make sure what you’re selling is worth the effort.

My story: I made over $75 on Ebay selling martial arts & electronic equipment I have not used in years. As of the date of this writing I have pulled approx 10 more items that I will be listing for sell that will probably generate another $200 – $300.

Americans typically have about $3,200 worth of goods at home they could sell to raise cash, says eBay CEO John Donahoe.

Until last month, Jessica Sanner only bought items on eBay. But the sagging economy has forced her to improvise.

"I looked around my apartment, took some pictures of some things and listed them" on the online auction site, says Sanner, 20, a college student in Bristol, Conn. She says she couldn't make ends meet on a part-time job that pays less than $300 a week. To her surprise, her perfume sold for about $25. Within days, she sold five more items.

"I get rid of unused items and supplement my paycheck," she says. "It's so easy."

John Donahoe, eBay's CEO, estimates that Americans have an average of $3,200 worth of stuff gathering dust in their homes — stuff he thinks they'll start selling on eBay.

Already, 1.3 million people make their primary or secondary income from eBay, the company says, and Donahue expects that to increase during the next few months. "People become more entrepreneurial in tough economic times," he says.

What you can't sell on Ebay, you can sell on Craigslist.

Instead of selling on Ebay, it may be much more interesting and easier to donate your possessions to charity for a 50% tax deduction.
You could for instance say to people that you will sell their stuff on Ebay while you donate it to charity. Your profit margin may be much higher. Talk to your tax adviser.

Sell your (or other people's) junk: Terri Jay earns $2,000 - $3,000 per month just by selling junk. On eBay, Jay not only sells stuff she isn't using; she hits up local thrift stores on 99-cent days, garage sales and tack sales, looking for things of which she knows the value. She says her best sale was for a drink tray from the 70s: She paid 25 cents for it and it sold for $87.

Buy and flip on eBay: To do this, you need one of the most basic principles every created in business: Buy low, sell high. To flip stuff on craigslist, you need to do just that. Buy something VERY low on eBay, and resell it for a higher price. Here is how I do it: Head on over to a site like Missing Auctions. What this site does, is whatever you type it, it misspells the word and returns eBay auctions where the person putting the item on eBay misspelled the title. If the item is misspelled, it will not get near as many hits as if it were spelled correctly. You get crazy cheap product where you can turn around and sell for high.

Become an EBay Assistant: Once you master eBay, make money by setting other people up on eBay. Your friends, your family need help with this complicated Ebay system. And you can charge them a commission, like 20-30%. You can open your own Ebay account, and offer them to sell with your account their stuff.

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