199. Make an easy $1,000+ per month with your one-bedroom appartment - Combine bedroom party with sleep-over (hostel)

This is an easy way to make an extra $1,000+ per month if you have a one-bedroom appartment or 2-bedroom appartment or house:

You invite your friends (and family) to have a party at your place. You charge them $10 for the beers (or $10 for the cava for girlfriends) and $20 to sleep over.

So you don't make money on the drinks, but 2 or more sleep over making you $40 per day (times 30 days = $1,200 per month of extra income)

You can have them sleep in the sofa or more comfortable on a mattress if there are not more beds.

For a 2-bedroom party up to 3-4 can sleep over, for a house 5 or more sleep over.

You can contact all your personal friends, facebook friends (one-by-one) or with business cards (you write personal party free drinks + sleep over $30)

If you have a nice place or nice house you can charge up to $50 per person (of which $30-$40 is profit per person per day)

You only need 2 friends a day to sleep over, not more than you can accomodate.

Make sure your friends are no drug addicts, and tell them to not make too much noise for the neighbors, unless you have a house.

Girlfriends can combine this with a clothing business selling clothing of other girlfriends, see idea nr. 1: $$$ Make $1,000+ per month For women: Start clothing business with clothing from other girlfriends.

At $30 - $50 per day you are a hostel/hotel + private party. Your friends spend as much on bars while with you they can sleep over and the next day drive safely home.

Girlfriends can invite their girlfriends to their own place and have a party to gossip about boys, drink some free cava, sleep over and get back home the next day, they can also sell or exchange clothing.

This is an easy way to make $1,000+ per month for guys and girls who have only a one-bedroom appartment or who can not afford to pay their rent.

If you don't want to throw a daily party, you can simply promote your bedroom appartment for sleep-over only at $10-$20-$30 per night.

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