201. How to make $200 per day or $6,000 per month on $1,000 Instagram investment - Become rich with Instagram

1. Buy Instagram account of 100,000 followers for $1,000. Charge your credit card or take a 5 year personal loan costing you $20 per month.
Check out Insta-sale for buying Instagram account: Also see Insta-Sale

2. Ask $200 per post for a link or sponsered ad to post to your 100,000 followers, see How much to charge for Sponsered Instagram Post

3. Tell all your Facebook friends they can post an ad for $200 to 100,000 followers. That's damn cheap.

4. Create a website page whereby you show your Instagram account(s) and they order for $200 to post an ad to your 100,000 followers. Promote this webpage to Facebook friends and with people or businesses you contact.

5. Make $200 per day, posting one ad per day. Or if you have only 5 ads sold per month, make 5*$200 = $1,000 per month on $1,000 investment.
In 1 year time, you make $12,000 on a $1,000 investment.

6. If you want to resell your Instagram account again, you also make your $1,000 investment back.

Or even cheaper ad price ratio to followers, a $500 ad post for a 1 million Instagram followers account of $3,000.

You can also do Instagram account arbitrage, like buying a $3,000, a 1 million followers Instagram account and you resell or flip it it for double money like $6,000 on other websites that buy and sell Instagram accounts, search google: Buy and sell instagram accounts

Also see:  getting paid to post Instagram sponsored posts: influence.co, fourstarzz
You can even join platforms like Grin, InsightPool, HYPR, InfluencerBay, TRIBE, and TapInfluence to find and connect with relevant brands.

Also check out: TOP 55 sponsered post networks Register with all of them, and you have massive return on investment for your Instagram profile sponsered posts! For example, you charge $100 for a sponsered post on Instagram with 100,000 followers. You get multiple orders per day by subscribing your Instagram profile to all these sponsered post networks!

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