134. Let Trim Negotiate Your Bills - Save $1,000 per year

Rather than combing through your bills for ways to save a couple dollars here and there, let Trim do it for you. Trim connects to your account using bank-level security, analyzes your spending and subscriptions, and finds ways you could be saving money.
Just ask Trim to cancel a subscription and itís done. It can even negotiate your bills and find you a better rate on car insurance! And the best part ó itís completely free.

If you were to scan all your credit card and debit card statements, you would probably find at least one subscription you arenít using. You might also find a couple of late fees or financial fees that youíve long since forgotten. When youíve automated bad habits, itís tough to break them. To break my own bad habits, I started using a software called Trim.

Trim Helps Stop Recurring Charges

Trim bills itself as a virtual assistant that saves you money.

Its core competency is cancelling subscriptions that you arenít using. Trim uses an algorithm to identify recurring charges, and it communicates with users via Text or Facebook Messenger.

To identify recurring charges, Trim has to look at your bank accounts. That means that you have to connect your accounts to the app. Trim uses an encryption service called Plaid to keep your data safe.

Plaid makes sure that Trim does not have access to your login information, and they have read only access to your accounts. Trim uses encryption for their website and database, and it requires 2 factor authentication for users. Your information is as safe as it would be at any banking institution.

After Trim identifies recurring charges, Trim will text (or Facebook Message) you to ask you if you want to cancel them.

If you reply, ďCancel ________.Ē Trim will do the cancellation for you. Trim doesnít charge a fee for this service.

Unfortunately, the service isnít perfect. I asked Trim to cancel an identity theft protection service I no longer wanted. It wasnít able to, so I made the call myself. At least Trim brought the subscription to my attention.

On the whole, Trim seems to have great success cancelling gym memberships, box subscriptions, media subscriptions, and notoriously difficult cable TV contracts.

Ask Trim is a free service that helps you save money by cutting unused subscriptions & earning cash back.

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