204. How to become a millionaire in 10 years time as passive investor of the US stock markets investing only $1,000 per month!

As you know, investing into the stock markets over a 10-year period into 10 best-performing stocks can yield 10-fold to 20-fold return.

For example, you check Google Finance and compare 10-year prices of your favorite stocks.

For example, Apple, over 10 years time, went from $14 on Jan 2012 to $164 today (Jan 2022) = 1,366% (x13.6)

Tesla on the other hand, went in 5 years time, 1,869% up! (x18.6)

In comparison, the broad S&P500 went up 279% over 10 years time. (x2.79)

The idea is to invest over a 5-10 year period, passive investing into the US stock markets into those US stocks expecting to grow 10-fold or more in 10 years time.

Like if you save $1,000 per month and invest $12,000 yearly, in 10 years time, this is worth $120,000 (per $12,000 invested so 5 years $60,000 invested is 10 years later $600,000). 10 years later again (in 20 years), it is worth $1.2 million, or on $60,000, it is worth $6 million.

As you can see, passive investing makes you rich in 10 years, and very rich (multi-millionaire) in 20 years time.

You can also invest passively with your 401K and become (multi)millionaire in 10-20 years time!

Search for US stocks hidden gems that grow 20-100 times in 10 years time, and your $12,000 per year turns into $240,000 - $1.2 million!

So with all the ideas on this website, you can easily save or make $1,000+ per month and invest it passively into the US stock markets over 10 years.

If you don't trust brokerages (neither do I), you can invest through your bank by buying shares each month or each year of your favorite US stocks. As a foreigner, don't SWIFT-wire money into a US brokerage account, use your personal bank to buy US shares. Wiring money offshore is dangerous! As a foreigner, you can not sue the US brokerage firm if they run away with your money (which happened to me). Use your domestic personal bank US brokerage instead.

Please also check out FinViz.com, to list the best-performing stocks over the last 5-10 years and find those hidden gems!

Tip: look for public companies with high annual revenue growth. Like a public company that doubles its revenues each year, is likely to have its stock price to increase by 50% per year.

You can also invest into ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), these top 10 ETFs will 5-fold (on average) your capital over 5 years time:

See: 100 Highest 5 Year ETF Returns:

If you are looking for annual dividend income ETFs, see: 10 High-Yield ETFs for Income-Minded Investors

Also see: Covered call strategies can offer yields of 10% or higher right now: Top 7 High Yield Covered Call ETFs For 2022

Also check out idea nr. 90: $$$ >> Make $2,000+ per month Become an Make-Money-Become-Millionaire consultant!

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