46. Make $1,000 per month – Help other people get a job and have them tax-deduct job-related expenses

You can make money by helping other people get a job, you could ask $500 for your work once they found a job thanks to you.
You help this person get a resume, search on job websites for them, create introductory letters, reply for them by email in regard to companies that request more information, help them look for jobs that pay more, drive them to prospective employers, give them advise how to sell themselves to a prospective employer.

If you can do that for 2 persons per month, you can earn $500 each thus $1,000 per month.

You can talk to facebook friends, students, family if they need a job and that you will help them for a fee once they have found the job.

There are lots of people that don’t know how to search for jobs, how to create a resume and how to solicit.
As well, all these job-search-related costs are tax-deductible.
You could start a small corporation, and invoice them $500 for your time and expenses and they can fully tax-deduct your invoice from their personal income taxes.

Even, the fuel costs, phone costs, emails, public transportation (so keep receipts), they can tax-deduct from their personal taxes.

Even better, if you also help them compile itemized tax-deductible tickets for their job-search related work, they may tax-deduct like $2,000, while you charge them $500 for your work (which is also tax-deductible for them), so they don’t lose but actually make money on you through Uncle Sam.

You can also help them out fabricate (like cab tickets, restaurant tickets) or assemble $2,000 worth of tax-deductible tickets or invoices they can file with their tax return. So you are also a tax-adviser how to maximize deductions from job-search related work.
Your little bit of tax experience (like you talk with a tax specialist about these deductions), may give you $1,000 per month of new income.
The beautiful thing is, even if you don’t find a job that year after all, you may every year, tax-deduct like $2,000 worth of job-search related items. You may be able to have Uncle Sam pay you for your restaurant, public transportation, etc talk to your tax adviser what is possible.

So also for yourselves, if you are unemployed, you may collect $2,000 worth of tax deductions (job-search related) for your personal income tax return.
Also, check out the internet what is tax-deductible for job-search related work.

In order to ensure your claim for tax-deductible, keep track of all communications (like email), any meeting for job-searching is an opportunity for a free McDonalds meal or restaurant. If a company is close-by a McDonalds, write an email you will meet some person there in order to solicit, you may shortly pass by their office, then go on your way to McDonalds (as an unemployed), these tickets may be tax-deductible. The date and time of the ticket matches the email communication for applying for a job at that company or to talk to Human Resources of that company. Same way, you could then go fill up your gas tank of your car and tax-deduct it, or take a cab back home and tax-deduct the cab drive.

You could thus also send a follow-up email about the meeting and the name of the person you met there, (on their business card), in order to ensure proof that the meeting and this the cab drive and McDonalds was part of job-search related work.
Same way, you want to meet a friend by cab, mix it with a job-soliciting visit for a company nearby, send them an email communication for also visiting their company to apply for some job.

Just showing up with this company, maybe a business card from the company is proof you have been there and the email communication links the cab-ticket to the job-search related effort thus making the cab drive tax-deductible.

If you file the tax deductions professionally like with a tax adviser, you will almost be ensured to tax-deduct these expenses.

For those that apply for jobs outside their city, suppose renting a new place and the deposit, the outlay may be $3,000 without them knowing if they can keep the job, instead tell them to rent a place on AirBnb.com on a daily or weekly basis, giving them more reason to take the risk to search for jobs outside their city. The maximum they can lose is a couple weeks worth of rent.

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