197. Make $100ds per day - Get investors to your website - Offer them a high return on investment - Invest into 100+ websites and companies and double your money each year

This is the start of an internet revolution!

As you know, websites have a ROI (Return on Investment) of 2x-fold or more per year, they double in size or even more, like 10x fold per year (like my website which grows at 5% per day, or 5-fold growth per month!)

So websites can increase their revenues 2x-fold or more each year, by reinvesting into marketing their website.

What if investors who are interested to get 100% return on their money each year how can they invest into websites for as little as $100 per website?

The website owner writes on his/her website, "I will give you 10% return per month over 10 months, or invest $100 and I will give you $20 per month back over 10 months". So for each $100 of investment, the investor makes back $200 in 10 months time.

The website owner can be paid with Paypal, so $100 comes in, the website owners pays back $20 per month over 10 months with Paypal, or by charging a credit card.

The investor knows, after 5 months, he/she recovers their investment and then doubles his/her investment 5 months later.

Sign an agreement, which you put on your website, whereby you will give 10% return per month over 10 months on their investment or pays $20 per month over 10 months for each $100 of investment. As soon as they paid you $100, send them back the signed agreement by email.

Of the 10,000 visitors to your website, 1 or more may invest $100. Each 10,000 visitors may give you $100 of investment, but as you grow your website and invest into more marketing and thus more visitors, this will grow very fast. Soon you have 100,000+ visitors, etc

Make sure you check with an attorney to ensure this is implemented legal, also to draft your agreement. If you have a company, make sure your company is included in the agreement.

Soon there are 1,000ds of websites offering a high return on investment whereby $100 is doubled in 10 months time! So if you invest $1,000 over 10 websites, you can make $1,000 profit each 10 months. You could even loan $10,000 over 5 years, that's $200 per month loan and you invest $10,000, which will double to $20,000 in 10 months time! So in 5 months time, you can pay back the loan already and you make $2,000 per month of income ($1,000 profit per month)

So it is possible to profit from the high-growth of websites and invest for 100% return within 1 year time!

Soon there will be websites with lists of other websites to invest into and you can make smart investment decisions, over 1,000+ investment opportunities!

And website owners can find investment to grow their website, do marketing for their website and get more revenues through monetization of their website. Make sure you only invest in trustworthy websites and/or businesses!

It's a win-win for investors and website owners!

Also, for businesses selling products or services to their customers, their may offer an investment plan to their customers, so then customers become investors! They may invest $100, $1,000 or even more per customer.

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