11. Save $100+ per month Get family health coverage for insurance instead of individual coverage

To save money on health insurance, you could reduce individual health insurance premiums by shopping around for the cheapest premiums as a combined family plan, this includes boyfriend-girlfriend health insurance. Also, you could renegotiate on a timely basis for health insurance. Search on the internet for cheapest health insurance rates. You are not married with your health insurance company. You could also try to have your employer pay for your health insurance, renegotiate with your company or company a corporate plan with individual plan or family plan. Or get your parents involved to get one family plan, and each person pays its reduced share. If you work at a company, you could negotiate to get a corporate health insurance coverage, that reduces your personal costs with pre-tax dollars.

Minimize your health care costs. Combine your employer's "high deductible plan" with a healthcare spending account. You may have avoided your employer's plan with the high deductible because you were afraid of having to pay off the deductible in the beginning of the year. However, if you put a set amount into a healthcare spending account, you could save money and avoid out of pocket expenses. Oh and it's good for more than just your co-payments. Many items that you buy often are qualified purchases, tylenol and other over-the-counter meds, sunscreen, etc. However, be sure to do the math first...this approach saves most people money, but doesn't work well for everyone.

Working couples can reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses and premiums by carefully comparing the costs of the benefits offered by each employer to find the best deal.

If medical coverage is part of your employee benefits and you don't need the coverage, ask your employer if you can get cash back or a bump up in salary.

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