229. Make $1,000 per month - Allow someone to become a roommate

As you know, rental prices in big cities like New York city are too high. You can tell people they can become roommate for $1,000 per month or $33 per day or $250 per week. You have a bed, coach or mattress in your living room, they can sleep with you, while you sleep in the bedroom.

Also, you are safer with 2 persons, and you have social contact. You can share the rent, groceries bills and you can share the car.

Choose your friends carefully, take caution with drug addicts.

Even for 1-bedroom appartments or studios this is possible. Women prefer women as roommates, men prefer men as roomates unless they want a relationship but then it becomes compilcated.

Search Google for "roommate finder". And register yourself on websites as looking for a roommate.

Also, 4 friends/family members can rent a 4-bedroom house for $1,000-$2,000 per month, and each pays $250-$500 per month in rent.

Or a 2-bedroom appartment, each pays half the rent.

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