158. Become a millionaire with your web business within 3 years time - Get a loan to grow your web business 10-fold each year

Wait! Before you sell your website on Flippa.com, you can demand 10x more in 12 months time for your website if you take a loan to grow your traffic.

For example, a website with $100 per month of income, if you take a $5,000 loan, costing you $100 per month and you invest $500 per month for the next 10 months (so $5,000) into building traffic and making your website grow, your website in 12 months time has at least a 10-fold more visitors and pageviews and brings in $1,000 per month instead of $100 per month (like with Google Adsense income or with affiliate sales or with products or services sales)

Then, once you make $1,000 per month in 10-12 months time, you take a $50,000 loan (costing you $1,000 per month) and you grow your traffic at $5,000 per month of investment over 10 months. Then your website will grow 10-fold again and you make $10,000 per month income.

Then, you can sell your website for $240,000 on Flippa.com or on other sale websites! So you get 100x more from your website. Or if you are smart, you keep on growing your website with $10,000 per month income and turn it into a $100,000 per month website in 3 years time!

Also, businesses can grow their web store much faster to sell their products or services if they loan from the bank and invest into getting more traffic. You can also find an investor who is willing to invest into your web business.

Also, you can allocate several $1,000ds for web designers to tweak your website (or you do it yourself) so you get 10x faster growth from your website with your current visitors and paid traffic visitors. For example, you add better sharing on social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) buttons on your website or you add pictures and improve the look of your website. Or you add an affiliate program to your website to get traffic from other websites promoting your products or services for a commission, or you boost conversion rates of your web store x10, x100 improving the checkout process and follow-up of prospective customers (like sending them emails to buy more products and to buy more frequent), etc. The possibilities are endless. If you improve your pageviews 10x fold and your growth 10x fold, you only need a 10-fold smaller advertising budget to grow as fast as normally, so tweaking your website is a must-do.

I can only hope that Facebook, Microsoft Bing and Google Adwords are introducing financed advertising, or advertising on credit for their business and personal customers, then they make at least 5 times as many revenues with their business per year than they do now. Like for example, you buy Facebook ads for $5,000 and you pay them $100 per month over 5 years time with their Facebook Financing Banking branch. This is an idea for Mark Zuckerberg (you can write him).

So, even if you cannot get a loan from the bank yourself, ask your parents or family members to take the loan from the bank, and you pay them $100 back each month (on $5,000 loaned).

Final conclusion: once your website business is making money, even only $100 per month, get a loan to boost your traffic and sales or advertising revenues (like with Google Adsense). You can go 10-fold growth each year (over 1,000%) while your loan only costs 6% per year of interest.

Good luck!

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