1. Make $1,000+ per month – For women: Start clothing business with clothing from other girlfriends

For women, you could start your own clothing business, like you buy clothing from other girlfriends at 1/10th the price and sell them for 1/5th to 1/2th the price.

Like every weekday, (suppose you have many facebook-friends), you go to buy 1-2 closet(s) from girlfriends, negotiate $200 for $2,000 worth of clothing, then after 5 days of shopping, during the weekend, you invites all your girlfriends to buy cheap clothing at 1/5th the price as a weekend bedroom party (no prices on clothing needed, no taxes to pay).
You will make several $1,000s per month of new income and don't need to buy clothing yourself anymore.
You can start by selling your own clothing you have in your closets to your girlfriends and cash in on these assets.

Of course, you never buy damaged clothing, only clothing that has been worn only several times, clothing your girlfriends don't need anymore and want to turn into cash.

This business-model is sound: you are always much cheaper to shop with than a clothing department store. You always sell at 50-75% discount. Many times, women have over $5,000 worth of clothing in their closets they want to turn into cash, so they can buy more clothing with the cash, if needed.
Also, every year, you could go back to your girlfriends to buy more clothing from them, which they no longer need.

If you buy $1,000 worth of clothing every week (or $200 worth of clothing every weekday), which you sell during the weekend for $2,000 (at 100% markup), you are making over $4,000 per month. Buy low and sell high. It's that simple.

Those women you met to purchase their clothing, you can also invite for the weekend-sales party.
They will be very interested to find out what clothing other women wear and buy them for a big discount, also partly with the money you gave them to purchase their clothing.
You can turn it into a party and offer drinks for free, like 1-2 glasses of free champagne per person.

Also, if you have children, you can get your daughter(s) buy and sell clothing, if she makes money with her own little business, she learns how to make money, she don’t need to buy new clothing from department stores (but from girlfriends at 1/10th the price) and she asks less allowance for clothing, saving the family budget.

You can also start a store, women visit your store and sell second-hand clothing to you that you buy for 1/4th or 1/5th the price, and you resell them for double price in your store. If 50 people visit your store each day and you make $50 per sale profit, then you make $2,500 per day of profit! And you pay the flyer guy $200 per day for distributing 400 flyers per day in front of the store. Flyer says "$5 coupon for orders of $50 or more". Then you have 100 people visiting your store each day and you make almost $5,000 profit per day!

You can start this business with your best girlfriend to share the investment, knowledge, work and profits.

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