6. Make $5,000+ per deal Earn money for co-guaranteeing a car lease for someone

Here is how it works. You cannot get that personal car lease or the car lease is too expensive for you. I get the car lease on my name. It is $500 per month. You would get it at $700 per month or won't get the personal car lease at all. You take a private loan for $5,000 (like student/personal loan) and give this to me as profit. You pay the bank $150 per month for 5 years for the personal loan.
The result: I take the risk for the personal car lease by co-signing with you and earn a quick $5,000, while you drive the car and make the monthly payments to me. In case the car lease needs to be closed (like defaulted) the $5,000 covers the risk because you ask them the cost/penalty to close the lease now.  You help them improve their credit score.

Same way, you could earn money for co-guaranteeing loans. Like, I close down your 16% APR credit card of $20,000, you get a 5-year $25,000 consolidated loan that I co-guarantee and that you pay me, I pocket $5,000 profit. The $5,000 covers my risk to co-sign your debt consolidation. Your credit score improves. The only problem is that if the person defaults on their debt or files bankruptcy, you hold the bag, while with co-guaranteeing a car lease, you can exit the lease at a given cost, less than the $5,000 profit you made.

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