87. Make $1,000+ per month Do service-at-home jobs

This is a brilliant way of making money. As you know, most Americans are laid-back when it comes to doing work at home. If you provide for them a service at home, they don't need to travel anymore or do the job themselves. You can also compete with businesses that charge more than you while you have the added service of coming to their home and you are your own boss.

Create a website with services-at-home that you provide and tell your family and friends, they can count on you. You can also find new customers by placing ads on Craigslist.com, or by contacting your facebook friends. You show them your webpage of services you offer at-home.

Offer to do those jobs on an hourly basis, like $20-$50 per hour, or on a monthly basis (like babysitting for $500 per month). This cost includes or excludes travel costs.

Here is a listing of possible jobs, services at-home you could offer:

1. Hand-wash cars
2. Do yard work (from just cutting grass to trimming shrubs, to trimming trees then finally finish about with outright landscaping)
3. Wash windows (of house/apartment)
4. House/apartment cleaning
5. Plant maintenance
6. Teach children, help them with their education
7. Teach them to play an instrument (music lessons)
8. Do someones grocery shopping
9. Take care of laundry
10. Iron other people's clothes
11. Cooking, doing the dishes
12. Become personal chef: you do the grocery shopping, fix the meal, and do kitchen clean-up
13. Become a green consultant (offer them ways for them to save on energy use)
14. Clean up computers (like install/upgrade software, install new computer, make backups, teach them how to use a computer, install a wireless network)
15. Keep people's tech up-to-date (like Changing VHS videos to DVDs, scanning old photos, moving CDs to MP3s, or other format changes can make you some additional income)
16. Take care of their house while they are on vacation
17. Personal driver (to work and back or during weekends), also see idea nr. 180. Become a personal driver for someone else - Make $50-$100+ per day - Make $1,000-$5,000+ per month
18. Dog walking/pet sitting
19. Babysitting
20. Do pool cleaning
21. Women could offer beauty services at-home like haircuts, hair styling, manicure/pedicure, massage, makeup and beauty instruction.
22. Offer personal massage or massage on the beach
23. Personal assistant or private phone secretary
24. Become the car mechanic of family or friends
25. Take care of elderly, seniors
26. Do electricity work, like installing LED lightning
27. Do restauration or painting jobs

If you do manage to do schedule all these services you provide, you could be doing a full-time job paying you as much as a job in a company does, at your own rhythm.

Some examples:

- for $500 per month, you take care of your (grand)parents so they don't need to go to retirement/nursing home. 2 hours per day for 30 days per month like help them get a bath, clean their house/appartment, prepare meals, etc Or you live in with them and take care of them for $1,000 per month, this solves the expensive retirement/nursing home problem of seniors/elderly.
- for $200 per month, you cook (and clean dishes) at your (grand)parents place 1 hour per day for 20 days per month.
- for $1,000 per month, you do a painting job, repainting and cleaning the windows.
- for $200 per month, you clean the house or appartment of your friends or family 2 hours every 2 weeks.
- for $200 per month, you do the gardening of your neighbors garden 2 hours every 2 weeks.
- for $400 per month, you do the laundry and housekeeping 2 hours per week or 1 hour per day.
- for $500 per month, you do babysitting at a friend's place.
- for $100 per month, you handwash 2 cars (inside and outside) once per month.

Outsourcing Routine Tasks:

ROI: 200%, varies based on your hourly income and what you pay your helpers.

Outsourcing your life - If you are self employed or paid hourly, and you make significantly more than minimum wage, then consider hiring teenagers or other people willing to work for minimum wage to do the routine tasks of your life, such as mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, and going to the dry cleaners. If you can work more hours at $30 an hour and hire someone to do routine chores for you at $10, then that is a 200% return on your money.

How to market your service?

If you have 1,000 Facebook friends, post them a message one-by-one about your service.

1 in 10-20 people will say...yes, you need to help me out!

Once you have 20 customers, the word goes around, and they will tell other people and your business will grow into a company!

You can also ask your Facebook friends, to repost your service message to their friends and then we talk about 10,000+ Facebook friends receiving your job request!

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