Economic Idea 10: Delay firing of employees - Delayed firing tax credits for employees and for employers - Create 20 million more jobs - Create $350 billion per year of more government revenues

As you know, of the 160+ million Americans that have a job, about 50 million Americans are fired each year and more than 50 million Americans are hired each year.

If we can delay firing of employees by 3 months, we save millions of jobs.

Each month of longer employment, so delaying firing produces about 4 million more jobs or more people (stay) employed.

How can we achieve delayed firing of employees?

1. Delayed firing for employees. For the employee, the person employed. If they want to resign from their job, they have to let their company know this 3 months upfront. So they officially write to their employer that they want to resign, and they need to give their employer 3 months time, then they collect a tax credit of $500-$1,000 dollars 3 months later, like a resignment bonus from the government for waiting 3 months for getting fired. Then, the company can find replacements for the job and hire another person in 3 months time. However, the company and the employer can mutually agree to end their job agreement within 3 months time, if a replacement has been found already, then the resigned employee already gets their $500-$1,000 resignment bonus.

Or the employee changes his/her mind and revokes the request to resign with the company, then nothing happens. Plus, the employee can change jobs within 3 months, like look for another employer, then chances he/she gets on unemployment benefits are smaller.

The result is that we have a delayed firing of at least 1 month, saving us 4 million jobs + the employer doesn't lose the job and finds a replacement in the meantime, so no jobs are lost at the company level, another 4 million jobs are saved, plus the employee who resigns can find a new job in the meantime so less chances he will get or stay unemployed, saving us 4 million more jobs.

So we produce about 12 million more jobs by delaying firing by employees.

2. Delayed firing by the employer, by the company. The company gives the employees a 3-month advance firing notice if they want to fire someone. They get a $1,000 corporate tax credit to delay firing of employees and to give employees a 3-month firing notice in advance. If the company revokes or cancels the 3-month advance firing notice, then nothing happens, the employee keeps his or her job at the company.

The employee will know 3 months in advance, if he or she will get fired, and can look for a new job already. Also, the employees of companies will be less stressed and fearful to lose their jobs, as there is a 3-month advance notice for getting fired, plus if they get this notice, they have 3 months the time to look for a new job and they don't get on unemployment benefits.

The result is that companies delay firing for at least 1 month, saving us 4 million jobs + the employee to be fired, has an advance 3-months firing notice and can look for a new employer already, thus less chances he or she gets on unemployment benefits, saving us another 4 million jobs.

So we produce about 8 million more jobs by delaying firing by employers.

In total, we save 20 million jobs from delaying firing by employees or by employers.

These 20 million jobs saved, produce another $400 billion per year of government revenues (at $20,000 saved in unemployement benefits or welfare and about $5,000 per year of employment taxes levied) minus the cost of the tax credits by the government which may be a $50 billion per year cost (2 times $1,000 times 25 million jobs delayed firing). So we produce about $350 billion per year of more government revenues.

We hope with the tax credits, it becomes normal for companies to give a 3-months advance firing notice to employees, and that employees notice their company 3 months in advance if they want to resign from their job.

This is an awesome idea to boost our economy and to create massive government revenues.

Write to President Trump so he proposes this idea as an election promise for the 2020 presidential elections!

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