225. Make $1,000-$3,000+ per month - Become content creator/manager and/or social media manager of websites - Offer branding partnership with other websites

As you know, the most difficult job of a website is to create good content (authentic content, not copy-paste content). This is a writing job.

100rds of millions of websites need constant new content, new articles to keep their viewing audience entertained. Also, to get more visitors and more sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter, etc, websites need new content daily if not weekly.

As a content writer, you write daily articles or weekly articles for other websites.

You may also be the content manager of a website.

Expect to be paid from $1,000-$3,000 per month for your writing skills (or $50-$200 per article) You can also work for multiple clients.

You can also become the social media manager of websites, whereby you create their Facebook business account, Instagram account, Twitter account for their website and post content on a daily or weekly basis. The traffic of social media like business Facebook page, grows the traffic of the websites daily. Like 1,000 Facebook fans to 10,000 Facebook fans, each time you post, hundreds of people, thus traffic goes to the website.

Expect to be paid from $1,000-$3,000 per month for your writing skills and social media skills.

Offer branding partnership of your website with other websites to transfer traffic. Like your website is about cars, you send traffic to a car dealership website. Or your website is about finance, you transfer traffic to accounting/tax firm.

Depending how much traffic you have, about 10% of visitors you can transfer like through banners and links from your website to another website. Like you have 1,000 visitors per day, you may be able to transfer 100 visitors per day or 3,000 visitors per month for $100 per month. So if you have 1,000 visitors per day, you may make $100-$1,000 per month with your partnership. 10,000 visitors per day, you could be making $1,000-$10,000 per month with your partnership. The more traffic, the better.

By branding partnerships, not only you share traffic through links and banners, you can also put their products or services of their company/website on your website and boost sales at low cost for your partner. (Like write on your website, "I am interested in branding partnerships transfering traffic from my website to your website.")

Also, if you have good content on your website, you may write content for other websites and share your website traffic with other websites. (Like write on your website, "I am a content writer, we can partner.") Like you have 1,000 visitors per day and you send 100 visitors per day to another website (3,000 visitors per month, that's cheap traffic) and you also write content for another website each day and you charge $50 per day (that's $1,000 per month working 20 days per month). So even if you don't have Google Adsense on your website enabled, you can still make money through partnerships.

Also if you have a YouTube channel or TikTok channel, you could make a partnership with another website, sending traffic from your YouTube/TikTok to other websites, promoting other websites.

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