69. Make $100s per month Change jobs to get higher pay

Change jobs -- Just like it's usually the case that you'll earn more when you get a promotion, most people earn more money when they change jobs (either a lateral change that earns you more or a promotion via job change.) The key here is to market yourself correctly in the job hunt process so you can actually land a job that pays significantly more than your current position.

Some job-hunting success tips: make the most of your cover letters, stick with a classic resume that highlights significant job accomplishments, and make the most of your interviews (which includes not asking stupid questions). I've applied these principles several times and I've averaged roughly 13% increases when I've made a move.

A couple other tips that are important when it comes to changing jobs: Don't quit your job before you get another one. Quitting without another job is not a good idea and by doing so you're risking your most important financial asset. Believe me, I've seen the disaster. If you're stuck in a job you hate, take specific steps to get out of it, but don't quit without another position lined up.

Once you do get a job offer, ask for more money before you accept the position. Doing so can pay off big, netting you $1,000 a minute.

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