239. Make $10,000+ per month  - For women: Buying and selling vintage bags

This idea works very well!

As you know, women can go crazy about vintage designer bags.

The trick is to buy vintage bags cheaply (like on auction sites like Ebay, Alibaba or from other second-hand bags websites or from other girlfriends) and double or triple the sales price when you sell them.

Like you buy for $50 a vintage bag and sell it on sites like Poshmark and Depop for $100-$150.

Search google "how can I buy vintage bags cheaply"

Please read this article: This 29-year-old spent $15,000 on a side hustle selling vintage designer purses - now her business makes $55,000 a week.

You may have to create your own luxery designer purse website (like on Shopify) and create a TikTok, YouTube, Instagram follower base and you have a successful awesome business within 1 year.

You can also start a store, women visit your store and sell second-hand purses to you that you buy for 1/4th or 1/5th the price, and you resell them for double price in your store. If 50 people visit your store each day and you make $50 per sale profit, then you make $2,500 per day of profit! And you pay the flyer guy $200 per day for distributing 400 flyers per day in front of the store. Flyer says "$5 coupon for orders of $50 or more". Then you have 100 people visiting your store each day and you make almost $5,000 profit per day!

You can start this business with your best girlfriend to share the investment, knowledge, work and profits.

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