165. Boost companies their revenues - Become a marketing and finance consultant - Become millionaire in 3 years time

If you have a sales, marketing or finance background, this business idea is for you!

As you know, companies are often clueless in order to grow their business. Many companies are unaware that there are 100rds of strategies to grow their business, free for search on Google.

For example, an accountancy firm that charges $500 per hour, can do a search on Google:
- Boost revenues for accountancy firms
- Boost sales for accountancy firms
- Grow faster with an accountancy firm
- Grow your business faster accountancy

As you can see with a Google search, over 100 strategies can be implemented.

Here is where you come in, you are a marketing/sales consultancy expert.

You search on the internet for companies to boost their revenues.

You charge $999 per month for your service. The first month free consultancy, then they have to pay you. You learn about their business, how they do marketing, and you advice them how to boost their revenues of their company. You become indispensable!

You create a professional-looking website where you promote to boost companies their revenues 10-fold in 2 years time! You offer advice to boost their sales/revenues and strategies to save money for their company.

For example, with a Google search:
- Save money with an accountancy firm
- Save money for your business
- Proven ways to reduce costs of your accountancy firm

So, you also help them reduce their company costs. So after you have offered your free 1-month service and you become a "cheap" extension of their marketing/sales and finance department, they will pay you $999 per month very happily.

You are cheaper than hiring a sales/marketing expert costing $50,000 per year and you grow their $1 million business into $10 million in 2 years time!

You will easily get 10 customers in 1 year time, then you make $10,000 per month, the year after, you have 100 customers making you $100,000 per month and at year 3, your are running a million-dollar business! Include testimonials on your website, like "company XYZ boosted their revenues 10-fold in 2 years time with our consultancy!". You can also do internet marketing of your website to quickly grow your customer base.

In 3 years time, you are a millionaire and you can easily scale this business and hire employees who will help you grow your consultancy firm!

Another example for a marketing strategy, are a hotel and restaurant business. There is a marketing strategy, which you can find with a Google search whereby hotels and restaurants do marketing with Instagram followers of their clients who visit them. For example, if you have 50,000 followers, you get 50% reduction on the hotel room or you get a free meal if you take pictures of the hotel or of the meal at the restaurant and share it with your instagram followers. This marketing strategy allows hotels and restaurants to get new clients very cheaply and boosts their revenues.

Hundreds of strategies can be found on the internet and there are millions of companies you can help to boost their revenues. You are the consultancy expert!

You can also offer this service inexpensively, like $499 per month or even $299 per month. It may be easier to get 3 customers for $299 per month than 1 customer for $999 per month. As your business grows, and you have more credibility and testimonals from companies, that you helped boost their revenues and reduce their costs, you can charge more like $999 per month with all your knowledge.

Each day you send them ideas to boost their revenues and reduce their costs.

Affiliate marketing is unbelievable powerful and should be promoted by companies to boost their revenues.
Jeff Bezos became the richest American with Amazon (worth of $250 billion at this time of writing), they offer web owners a chance to make a commission on promoting their business products.

For example, if Dell Corporation, would offer an affiliate program to sell Dell computers, with a $5 commission per sale and a 1% commission for repeat and increased (up-selling) lifetime sales, like a customer orders for $5,000 worth of computers, then the commission would be $50.
10s of millions of websites worldwide would offer Dell Corporation banner ads on their website, for example, with a $20 voucher to buy products now.
Dell Corporation can increase their revenues 3-to-5-fold in 2 years time. An idea for Michael Dell.

Or for example, Facebook offers an affiliate program to offer Facebook advertising with a $20 voucher so they can test Facebook ads, and a $5 commission for website owners promoting Facebook advertising, and 1% commission for repeat and increased (up-selling) lifetime sales, like a company orders for $5,000 of Facebook ads, then the commission would be $50. Then 10s of millions of websites worldwide promote Facebook ads. Facebook can increase their revenues 3-to-5-fold in 2 years time. An idea for Mark Zuckerberg.

If your company has a sales, marketing or finance team, ask your employees to come up with ideas to grow your company, boost revenues and ideas to save company costs, then they get a $1,000 job bonus for each good idea that is implemented. Then all the employees of the company work together on making their company successful.

Investigate whether your company can sign partnerships with other companies to boost revenues. For example, Dell Corporation signs a partnership agreement with Amazon, to sell Dell Computers on the Amazon platform, in return, they negotiate a 5-10% commission for Amazon. Then millions of Dell computers per year are sold with the Amazon internet retail giant.

By signing partnerships with other companies, their customers base becomes your customers, and visa versa. If your products or services are complementary with your partner and give added value for their customers, so they are not in competition, both companies will boost their revenues. Like in this example, both Amazon and Dell Corporation will boost their revenues and gain market share. The more strategic partnerships you can sign, the faster your company will grow.

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