168. Boost conversion rates of company websites 10-50x fold - Tweak websites to boost conversion rates of products or services - Become a millionaire within 2 years time

As you know, aside from improving the ROI on internet traffic 10x-fold, there are over 100 ways to improve the conversion rate of corporate websites 10x fold or more. Conversion means more sales of products or services from the same website (store), by improving the buying process and follow-up process of products or services offered on a corporate website.

Just search Google:
"strategies to improve conversion rate of website"
"ideas to improve conversion rate of website"
"boost conversion rate of website"
"boost sales conversion of website"
"how to increase sales of website"
"how to increase conversion rate of website"

You will find 100rds of strategies to boost the conversion rate 10x-fold, 50x-fold or more.

For example:

1. Using an email list of users that previously bought a product or service, send them new offers of new (addon) products or services - this quadruples conversions

2. Abandoned shopping cart, use a follow-up email with discount. Like "it looks like you abandoned our webstore, order today and get a 20% discount" - this doubles conversions

3. Change the layout of your website so the conversion is much higher - this doubles conversions, improve landing page

4. Use emotions to boost conversion rates, like "awesome product or service", "superfast powerful product or service" - this doubles conversions

5. Use a free voucher to buy a product or service, like "$20 in your shopping cart for free - order now" - this doubles conversions

6. 30 days free trial of service or 30 days money back guarantee - this doubles conversions

7. Coupled discounts like "order product 2 as well, for a 30-50% discount" - this doubles conversion sales

8. Order and pay over 12 months, like "pay over 12 months, 12 small monthly charges on your credit card" - this quadruples to 8-fold conversion sales. Like "buy from Walmart, pay over 12 months..."

9. Offer free discount coupons on products or services by email - this doubles conversion sales

10. Buy now, pay later. Like order today, pay 30 days later by your credit card. This also boosts sales for brick and mortar stores. Like you buy clothing in a clothing store and you pay them 30 days later, or you buy a Big Mac menu from McDonalds and you pay 30 days later, or you buy from Walmart and you pay your shopping 30 days later - this doubles to quadruples conversion rates and sales

11. Use testimonials - this doubles conversions

12. Use a guarantee - like "if you don't like our service, cancel anytime, you get your money 100% refunded" - this doubles conversions


One can increase their conversion rates 10x- fold easily, if not 50x-fold. This means, coupled with a 10x-fold ROI on internet marketing traffic (also see idea  nr. 167: Boost companies their ROI on internet marketing 10-fold), this results in a 100-500x-fold improvement of sales all with the same internet marketing budget!

You can charge companies $299 per month to offer specific advice to improve their conversion rate, depending on their website store, this means their web designer implements the improvements based on your report, or you can charge between $999 per month up to $9,999 per month to tweak their website store yourself, so you are the web designer improving conversion rates for their websites. Many websites are in Wordpress format, if you know how to write and design in Wordpress, you can do the work for them.

Within 1 year time, you can have 100 customers per month paying you $299 per month for your conversion rate improvements. Or you can charge a flat fee of $499 to advice them of all conversion rate improvements they can potentially implement for their web store.

For example, "we will boost your web store conversion rate 20x-fold. Order for $499 this service today!" Implement examples how you will do this as well as testimonials of customers you have boosted their conversion rates of their web store.

You can become a millionaire in 2 years time with this business idea!

Companies should hire their own web designer(s):

1. The web designer is at least 2-4x times cheaper by doing the web design in-house than by asking a web design company to do this work

2. The web designer should continuously improve conversion rates of the corporate website 10x-fold to 50x-fold, to increase conversion ROI 10-50x-fold

3. The web company will never implement all the conversion improvements for your website, your web designer works continously, he/she will

4. Coupled with a 10x-fold ROI on internet traffic (also see idea nr. 167: Boost companies their ROI on internet marketing 10-fold), the web designer also tests different internet traffic companies, to have a total ROI of 100-500x-fold on the internet marketing budget. By outsourcing your website work to a web company, you miss out on at least 10x-fold higher ROI

5. Web companies are over-loaded with work, requests to build websites and if they work on conversion rates improvements, they can never fulfill the optimal conversion rate improvements that your corporate website needs, your web designer can do this optimally with the highest care

6. Your web designer can work together with your marketing/sales team to test out new marketing/sales/conversion strategies (also see idea nr. 165: Boost companies their revenues)

7. Your web designer can instantly test the results on conversion/internet traffic ROI improvements and test the resulting sales increases and communicate this with your marketing/sales department

8. As the ROI of your internet marketing budget goes 100-500x-fold, your company can channel more marketing budget towards promoting your corporate website, this can instantly, within 1 year, increase the company revenues 10x-fold or higher and boost profits!

9. The web designer can add more content to the corporate website which leads to more pageviews, conversions and sales

10. Your corporate website needs continious improvements and tweaks, by having your own web designer(s), you can continously improve your corporate website and increase your company revenues and profits

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