213. Boost charity revenues 100-fold - Boost revenues of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon 10-fold

As you know, charities are not yet implementing banner affiliate programs.

For example, the world food program (wfp) of the united nations can collect billions of dollars more each month, by allowing 100+ million websites to place banners of wfp on their website and get an affiliate commission. For example, if $20 per month is collected for a donation, $2 goes back to affiliate program commission, thus the web owner. This way, website owners make money promoting banners of wfp.

All charities, including wfp, Unicef, (American) Red Cross, etc have to think to setup an affiliate program with banners to collect 100x-fold donation revenues, then promote their banner affiliate program.

Allow (monthly) tax receipt for individuals and companies

Charities should also make it possible to get a (monthly) tax receipt by email or by download so people can tax deduct from their personal income taxes the donation, so they donate multiple times more. Also companies can donate by having a corporate tax receipt which they can tax deduct from their corporate tax income. This is very important!

To boost the revenues of Google Adsense, Microsoft Bing, Facebook and Amazon:

It should be made possible to partner with Google Adsense and Microsoft Bing for companies and charities to place banners on their banner network.
So millions of companies globally, including website owners and charities can get traffic from banners placed on Google Adsense, Microsoft Bing, as well Facebook should create a banner network program, so they don't solely rely on advertising revenues of their Facebook platform and they can grow 10x-fold bigger if they have a share of the 1 billion websites that are hosted worldwide.

Then the next step is to expand the banner program of Google Adsense, Microsoft Bing, Facebook Banner Program and Amazon Banner Network so they expand market share on 1 billion websites worldwide. Like Amazon expands from 10 million to 100 million hosted websites and Google Adsense expands from 30 million to 1 billion hosted websites. There will be fierce competition to convince website owners to place their banners on their hosted websites.

If you are a private company, or an individual, please pledge to the wfp program today with a small monthly donation! Governments can pledge $100+ million to the wfp program as part of their foreign aid programs. Like the USA pledges $5 billion, China as well.

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