211. Make $1,000-$5,000+ per month - Become a personal advisor, personal consultant and (girl)friend on the phone

For girls/women:

As you know girls and women need a personal girlfriend to advice them. Such as parenting, boyfriends, marriage, dating, relationships, finance, investing, work, retirement planning, health advice, taxation, shopping tips, vacation advice, etc

You as a personal girlfriend on-the-phone, advice other girls and women in regard to their personal life so they make the right decisions all the time.

The girls can gossip with you about their boyfriends or partners and you advice them.

You charge $99 per month, they can call you anytime, 8 hours per day and/or during weekends. You can start this service for only $49 per month, you become their personal girlfriend. Like for $49 per month, at $10 per hour, they can call up to 5 hours per month with you, for $99 per month up to 10 hours per month, for $199 up to 20 hours per month.

When they call you alot, you charge them $99-$199 per month to be on the phone with them advicing them.

You build your own personal blog or website in regard to these topics (like relationships, boyfriends, etc) and they order by credit card your service like monthly PayPal service of $49-$99 per month.

You give them the first phone consultation for free (place that on your website), then you tell them to order either $49 or $99 per month (if they call lots of times). You give them the calling hours each day (on the blog or website) so you manage your time.

Then, women can have multiple advisors who they subscribe too and always get new information to make the right decisions.
If you have 10 girlfriends as clients on your website/blog, you make $500-$1,000 per month.

As you grow your girlfriends list, and advice 30-50 women, you could make $3,000-$5,000 per month.
It is an awesome and easy way to make money for women! You are the expert!

For men/boyfriends:

You advice other men/boys for topics like relationships, dating, (getting) girls, parenting, marriage, investing (like stock market, crypto or real estate), ways to make money or save money (like this website), work, retirement planning, health advice, taxation, shopping tips, vacation advice, etc. Create a blog or website to promote this service to anyone on this planet!

You charge them $49-$99 per month and you become their personal adviser on the phone! You are the expert!

Promote your personal advisor blog/website on Facebook (one-by-one message), Instagram, and with business cards you hand out, so you have 10-20 clients in no time! And you make $1,000-$2,000 per month easily!

Facebook should implement this idea, then if 100 million Facebook users make $1,000 per month, that's $100 billion per month of revenues and Facebook takes a 10% profit margin!

These are clever ways to make money as a personal advisor. Many people are in need to get expert advice, you have the experience and you help your girlfriends/boyfriends out with a personal touch.

Advice this website:

You can also advice them on the phone about this website (www.IWantToBecomeMillionaire.com) with the hundreds of ways to make money or save money, but then you can charge $199 per month (for up to 10 hours of counseling per month at $20 per hour)! You have 5-10 clients in no time, making you an extra $1,000-$2,000 per month easily!

Distribute business cards: distribute 200 business cards to get 20 clients or more. This is cheap marketing!

You can also run this business in a foreign cheap country, while you are on vacation! Like Thailand, Spain. With $2,000 per month, you are a king in Thailand, Spain!

Use a donation button on your website

For example, you create an advisory website, they call you (free of charge, like with toll-free number), then for each hour you solve their problems, you ask them to donate $20-$50 or more on your website (like they pay by credit card). So you spend 1 hour per client and you solve their problems and you ask them to donate $50. If you have 10 clients per day, you make $500 per day!

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